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Advanced Market Analysis

Our Forex Trade Alerts

We provide advanced trading strategies in the Foreign Exchange market (Forex), Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Binary options. As opposed to a customary trading signals service, our trade alerts aside binary options are designed for swing, medium and long-term where an estimated duration of the trades are provided. Our goal is to attain a decent Return on Investment (ROI) at the end of end of the month. We adopt a similar concept for our binary options trade alerts.

FX Trade Alerts Performance 2015


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Every trade alert is immediately published on the website and all the traders that are subscribed to our trade alerts packages are instantly notified a new trade alert has been issued via email with a link to the trading strategy. To ensure the authenticity of the trade alerts we include the chart used for the analysis and the date and time the trade alert has been issued is documented. Within several minutes we publish a link to the trade alert on our Facebook page.

Rather than a blank trade alert we also provide crucial information in order to assist our traders:

Technical/fundamental strategy behind the trade alert

The chart used to derive the trade alert

Entry price, stop loss and take profit orders

The Risk-Ratio (RR) for the trade alert

The estimated duration the trade may be held onto

Updates on the trades’ progress via email

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All our trade alerts are fully documented in our trades performance since 2014, what are the strategies behind the trade alerts, the trade alerts’ details an the progress of the trade with screenshots of the current chart of the instrument until the trade is closed.

We also conduct our own drawdown management to ensure the market exposure remains low, which is also reflected in the stops we exercise and net currency exposure.


What Our Traders Say About Us?


I was very lucky to find DDMarkets. I have been following your strategies for a long time and I must admit that you are simply one of the best. Keep up the good work.

Sebastian C

I have been trading forex for over 5 years . Your trade alerts has helped me a lot to regain my confidence and succeed in a place where I thought I was about to fail. Thank you very much for all the hard work.

Victor M

Me and my wife celebrated when you closed the long trade in gold. Don’t change your strategy, keep it exactly as it is. I look forward to your future analysis in the market.

Norman K

I had very little hope in signing up for trade alerts.  Thank God I signed up with you, fantastic trade alerts and market updates.  I am extremely happy with you.

Eugene P

Many of my colleagues told me it will take me a long time to understand the market. Your trade alerts helped me understand the market because you explain why the price will go up or down.  I followed all your trades and I am very happy with your decision to buy EURUSD.

Aimee L

These guys do an amazing job. I have been trading for 3 years and I am very impressed with them so far. My best trade was that long EURCHF. I had some doubts but I am glad I took the trade.

Nicholas W

That EURUSD long trade was amazing. While my friends told me there is no chance the Euro will rise I decided to follow your decision. Good analysis!! My only regret is not signing up back in May 2014.

John H

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As a subscribed trader you will be instantly notified via email when a new trade alert has been issued along with any future updates we decide to make regarding the trade in terms of shifting the stop, take profit and realizing partials. Our binary options trade alerts are fully optimized to ensure the trader will be immune to the sensitive nature of the market as the entry price (target price) is crucial to the success of the trade alert.

We provide a number of plans to allow a greater flexibility to suit all types of online traders. Signing up only takes a number of minutes and you are immediately added to the trade alerts plan you have selected.