Top Forex Signal Provider 2014 - 2017

We have been serving online trader since 2014, documenting all out signals in the most transparent manner. We supply the strategy for every forex signal along with all updates that were issued via emails. Every trader can review all the signals we issued since we launched along with the progress of every trade until it was closed with a profit or a loss.

Each trader may review the technical or fundamental analysis we provide for every signal before the trade is issued to all subscribers. This enables the trader to re-assess the currency pair or instrument we are focusing on and determine the allocated capital he or she wishes to set for the given signal. You may review all our trading signals through the performance page in order to evaluate the beneficiary of using our service.

DDMarkets are not owned by any financial firm and are not affiliated with any forex brokers. Many of the free forex signals providers are commissioned by forcing the trader to open a trading account with one of the brokers they are associated with. Once the signal provider is paid by the broker that actual results of the trading signals become less relevant.

Our signals are genuine and manually generated to suit day traders, part-time traders and swing traders. Our trading signals performance is presented in a clear and organized manner in the performance page. We offer a bi-weekly or a monthly price for our forex signals via PayPal, which we find an extremely secured payment method.

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    Absolute Transparency

    The strategy for every signal is fully documented and may be reviewed by all traders, dating back to 2014. The documentation includes screenshots of the progress of the trade, see one of the recent trade alerts as an example, recent forex signal

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    Controlled Drawdown

    We pay great attention to the number of open trades we are holding at any given time based on the protective stop loss orders that were exercised. Extreme measures are taken to ensure the open drawdown potential is held to a minimum.

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    Track Record and Accuracy

    Our trading signals performance dates back to 2014. We present the track record in an extremely transparent manner, allowing each trader to understand the analysis for every signal that has been issued and assess its risk and benefits

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    Balanced Exposure

    Controlling the currency exposure in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is essential. We place into consideration the technical or fundamental entries we derive from the market to ensure the currency exposure is well-balanced.

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    Risk Assessment

    We set a protective stop and a take profit order for every trade that is issued. The orders are derived via technical analysis based on the time frame the analysis was carried on. In every signal that is issued we strive for a 1 : 3 risk reward ratio.

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    We are not affiliated with any forex brokers, financial institutions or any firms in the financial industry. Our performance, market analysis and risk management is therefore important to us and to the success of our members.

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    Secured Payments

    We are collaborating with Paypal, the largest internet payment company in the world to process all payments. PayPal is available in over 200 countries and is well-known for providing secured online transactions.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Remaining competitive in the market is essential. We provide multiple trading plans for greater flexibility and to appeal to a spectrum of traders including day traders, swing traders, part-time and full-time traders.

Accuracy and Performance

Our trades performance dates back to 2014. We only opt for entries that meet our technical models and our risk management rules. What has contributed to our great success is the ability to withstand losses, exercise reasonable stops and control the potential drawdown.

We have been fairly consistent in our signals performance throughout the years as we pay great attention to outside market events, analyze the markets in real time and act in accordance. We carry a filtering process in an effort to ensure only the most accurate signals are produced and issued.

We conduct our own analysis and do not rely on forecasts or other research that is derived by third parties, which is reflected in the accuracy of our trading strategies and trade alerts.

Transparent Forex Signals

Although we do provide our own updates on open signals based on our understanding of the market, as the trading strategy is presented for every signal the trader has the freedom to exit the position at any price level he or she believes it based on his or her trading experience in the Forex market.

Every trading signal is fully documented to the greatest extent for extreme transparency since 2014

This provides a greater value as forex managed accounts rarely share insights on the market and limits the trader from interring in the managed funds.  Social trading or mirror trading traders do not necessarily share their view on the market, which may trigger great uncertainty on how to manage the open trades if the social trading trader is floating in a deep drawdown.

Our trading signals solution for online traders solves any confusion that may arise from following a signals service. Such transparency is rare in the trading signals industry, which is why more and more traders are continuing to join ddmarkets trading signals service. When opportunity arises we may also issued signals in CFD's such as global indices and commodities.

Our Trading Signals Methodology

All trading signals include an entry price, protective stop loss order, take profit, risk ratio and estimated duration based on the time frame the analysis was carried. We strive for 1 : 3 risk reward ratio, the stop and take profit orders are derived via technical analysis and are subject to vary from one instrument to another. Volatile pairs / crosses are likely to have larger stops and take profit orders such as GBPNZD when compared to less volatile pairs such as EURUSD and EURGBP. Our goal is not to succeed on every signal, which is why a stop loss order is implemented on every trade that is issued. Our target is to ensure the stops that are exercised may be recovered in future signals if triggered by the market, which is why we often dismiss technical entries that demand large stops. We avoid drifting in an unnecessary drawdown in order to profit at any cost.

We believe it is wiser to accept the loss and focus on future trades than widening or removing the stop and hope for the best. Since we launched in 2014 there were periods that we outperformed and in some some months we unperformed. The key to our trading signals is consistency. Becoming the top forex signal provider requires a track record that displays the trading signal provider's ability to recover from losses as one cannot profit on every trade in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Consistency means profiting in the market via signals while enduring losses that may be recovered in future signals. A forex signal provider that is truly profitable will provide traders an extremely transparent signals performance as is supplied at ddmarkets. What we have also noticed is that some of those that claim to be the best and most profitable forex signal providers issue their signals with multiple take profits (TP1, TP2, TP3 etc.). As the trader is given the trading strategy for the signal he or she are likely to face great confusion how to manage the signal and what take profit should be selected.

At ddmarkets forex signals we provide only one take profit. Should we believe it is wise to exit the signal prior to the take profit order. The measures we take in presenting and issuing our trading signals is rare, which is why we are ranked among the top signal providers in the market. We allow each trader to determine the leverage for the provided signals based on the strategy we provide and his or her trading experience in the leading financial markets. When we face a streak of successful signals we often alert our subscribers not to over-leverage their positions as we cannot succeed on every signal. We prefer carrying our analysis on the daily / weekly / monthly charts as they generally do not require constant monitoring such as intraday signals. Intraday signals may demand constant updates throughout the trading day, which may be unsuitable for part-time traders.

Longer time frames are also generally more accurate and offer larger take profits. There are certain occasions where we do employ intraday time frames but they are rare and often exercised due to changing market and trading conditions.