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We have been proving forex signals to online traders since 2014, documenting all the signals in the most transparent manner.

Crypto signals were recently added as well Ethereum forecasts and price predictions.

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We supply the strategy for every signal along with all updates that were issued via emails.

Every trader can review all the signals we issued since we launched along with the progress of every trade until it was closed with a profit or a loss.

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A forex signal is a buy or sell trade idea based on a trading strategy. At ddmarkets we present the chart analysis for every trade alert. The trades are sent via email to all members.

Forex signals in essence are trading ideas based on technical or fundamental analysis. The goal of forex signals are to provide accurate and reliable market analysis.

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The forex pairs and crosses that are covered including all the majors and crosses. Exotic crosses are generally avoided unless an extraordinary opportunity is available.

Our preference is a technical setup with a high potential for a profit in terms of the risk ratio.

Producing forex signals require great experience and the ability to adjust to the market. With monetary policy tightening expected in 2022, we may see extraordinary volatility in the upcoming year.

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Each trader may review the technical or fundamental analysis we provide for every signal before the trade is issued to all subscribers.

This enables the trader to re-assess the currency pair or instrument we are focusing on and determine the allocated capital he or she wishes to set for the given signal.

Trade ideas

The trading signals are based on years of experience and tested strategies.

While we cannot succeed on every signal that is sent, we are controlling the size of the stops and the number of open trades. This allows us to recover in future trades as we have done for over 7 years.


Professional Market Analysts For All of the Trading Signals

We have created a market education section for both new and experienced traders. The aim of the market education is to ensure new traders become familiar with trading the leading capital markets.

Top Rated Signal Service

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We are among the most transparent forex signal providers. Providing transparent and accurate fx signals requires extensive research, analysis and experience in the leading financial markets.

Becoming a successful forex signal provider for an extensive period of time is challenging, which is why we constantly monitor the latest market developments from a fundamental angle.

Trades Performance 2023 Recently Closed Crypto Trades

Trading is composed of profits and losses. There are months that are more profitable. We initially provided free forex signals. After several months we all the trades are premium.

We strongly suggest not to over-leverage any of the trades. The risk of doing may result in elevated losses.

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DDMarkets are not owned by any financial firm and are not affiliated with any forex brokers.

Many of the free forex signals providers are commissioned by forcing the trader to open a trading account with one of the brokers they are associated with.

Once the signal provider is paid by the broker that actual results of the trading signals become less relevant.

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Our signals are genuine and manually generated to suit day traders, part-time traders and swing traders.

Our trading signals performance is presented in a clear and organized manner in the performance page. We offer a bi-weekly or a monthly price for our forex signals via PayPal, which we find an extremely secured payment method.

Forex Trading Signals Strategies

Many forex traders tend to use technical analysis to determine when to buy or sell a currency pair in the Foreign Exchange market.

While trading manually is always available, some forex traders opt for forex Expert Advisors (EA’s) via the MetaTrader4 (MT4), which remains on the most popular platforms for forex trading.

How the Trade Alerts Work About the Intraday Strategies

Due to the handling costs of the automated trading systems (a Virtual Private Server or VPS for short is required in addition to the fee that is paid for the expert advisor) some forex traders opt for social trading where a trade copier feature is available.

Traders may then copy trades from other traders based on their performance for a fee that is often added to the spread.

Another popular forex trading strategy is to allocate the desired capital to a managed forex account.

Crypto trade alerts

The trader that is managing the forex accounts is often paid based on a watermark model and from the trading volumes that are generated per month.

Most of the top forex signals services provide forex trading signals at a fixed rate.

At ddmarkets we present the full forex trading strategy for the signals along with constant updates on open trades and on the market on a daily basis.

The forex trading signals are issued in real time via emails, which may be received via all smartphones.

One of the greatest obstacles in live forex trading signals is the entry price.

In ddmarkets we tend to use longer time frames such as the daily, weekly or month charts, which makes the entry price less sensitive when compared to scalping or intraday trading.

We also provide a price range in which the signal may still be executed, which adds to the experience of using our forex trading signals that are suitable for all investors and traders.

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Despite the popularity of forex signals apps, our website is just as powerful with the top forex signals. Years of trading experience lead us to provide you with the best forex signals and strategies.

The trade alerts are compatible with all forex brokers (STP or ECN) and trading platforms such as the MT4, MT5, NinjaTrader, cTrader, JForex and more. Over-leverage is associated with great risks, we strongly suggest to ensure the leverage is kept under strict control.

FX Signals Accuracy and Performance

Professional Trading SignalsOur signals performance dates back to 2014. We only opt for entries that meet our technical models and our risk management rules.

What has contributed to our great success is the ability to withstand losses, exercise reasonable stops and control the potential drawdown.

We have been fairly consistent in our signals performance throughout the years as we pay great attention to outside market events, analyze the markets in real time and act in accordance.

We carry a filtering process in an effort to ensure only the most accurate signals are produced and issued.

We conduct our own analysis and do not rely on forecasts or other research that is derived by third parties, which is reflected in the accuracy of our trading strategies and trade alerts.

Every trade has a protective stop loss order to ensure the risk is contained.

Transparent & Reliable Forex Signals

Although we do provide our own updates on open signals based on our understanding of the market, as the trading strategy is presented for every signal the trader has the freedom to exit the position at any price level he or she believes it based on his or her trading experience in the Forex market.

This provides a greater value as forex managed accounts rarely share insights on the market and limits the trader from interring in the managed funds.

Social trading or mirror trading traders do not necessarily share their view on the market, which may trigger great uncertainty on how to manage the open trades if the social trading trader is floating in a deep drawdown.

Our trading signals solution for online traders solves any confusion that may arise from following a signals service.

Such transparency is rare in the trading signals industry, which is why more and more traders are continuing to join ddmarkets trading signals service.

When opportunity arises we may also issued signals in CFD’s such as global indices and commodities.

Our Forex Trading Signals Methodology

Professional Trading Signals

All trading signals include an entry price, protective stop loss order, take profit, risk ratio and estimated duration based on the time frame the analysis was carried.

We strive for 1 : 3 risk reward ratio, the stop and take profit orders are derived via technical analysis and are subject to vary from one instrument to another.

Volatile pairs / crosses are likely to have larger stops and take profit orders such as GBPNZD when compared to less volatile pairs such as EURUSD and EURGBP.

Our goal is not to succeed on every signal, which is why a stop loss order is implemented on every trade that is issued.

Our target is to ensure the stops that are exercised may be recovered in future signals if triggered by the market, which is why we often dismiss technical entries that demand large stops.

We avoid drifting in an unnecessary drawdown in order to profit at any cost.

We believe it is wiser to accept the loss and focus on future trades than widening or removing the stop and hope for the best.

Since we launched in 2014 there were periods that we outperformed and in some some months we unperformed.

The key to our trading signals is consistency.

Becoming the top forex signal provider requires a track record that displays the trading signal provider’s ability to recover from losses as one cannot profit on every trade in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

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Consistency means profiting in the market via signals while enduring losses that may be recovered in future signals.

A forex signal provider that is truly profitable will provide traders an extremely transparent signals performance as is supplied at ddmarkets.

What we have also noticed is that some of those that claim to be the best and most profitable forex signal providers issue their signals with multiple take profits (TP1, TP2, TP3 etc.).

As the trader is given the trading strategy for the signal he or she are likely to face great confusion how to manage the signal and what take profit should be selected.

In our forex signals we provide only one take profit order. Should we believe it is wise to exit the signal prior to the take profit order.

The measures we take in presenting and issuing our trading signals is rare, which is why we are ranked among the top signal providers in the market.

We allow each trader to determine the leverage for the provided signals based on the strategy we provide and his or her trading experience in the leading financial markets.

When we face a streak of successful signals we often alert our subscribers not to over-leverage their positions as we cannot succeed on every signal.

We prefer carrying our analysis on the daily / weekly / monthly charts as they generally do not require constant monitoring such as intraday signals.

Intraday signals may demand constant updates throughout the trading day, which may be unsuitable for part-time traders.

Longer time frames are also generally more accurate and offer larger take profits.

There are certain occasions where we do employ intraday time frames but they are rare and often exercised due to changing market and trading conditions.

Cryptocurrency Forecasts & Strategies

Professional Trading Signals

We began covering some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market, Bitcoin (BTC/USD). Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Ripple Coin (XRP/USD).

Cryptocurrencies were added to Bloomberg Terminals, Bitcoin futures are also available in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

As cryptocurrencies are being recognized by financial institutions we began providing forecasts and strategies in the cryptocurrency markets.

The rise of NFTs in OpenSea and the metaverse is fuelling the crypto markets. As part of our plans for 2022 we are exploring the NFTs markets for potential trading opportunities.

Our cryptocurrency signals and forecasts are intended for business owners that use cryptocurrencies as a payment method, investors and online traders.


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The forex trading signals are easy to follow, trade with any forex broker of your choice.

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We have been providing professional forex signals since 2014. Crypto signals were recently added.

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Receive the trade signals in real time via email. Most of the trades are based on the daily or weekly charts, trades are often kept open for several days to several weeks.

Forex signals are traditionally used for trading. The buy or sell trade ideas based on a trading strategy.

Besides crypto signals, we are also providing Ethereum forecasts and research.

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The trading recommendation can be based on technical analysis or fundamental analysis. The aim of forex signals is to provide accurate and reliable information on the market.

At ddmarkets we present the chart analysis for every trade alert. The trades are sent via email to all members.

Closed FX Trades

Daily signals are sent if market conditions allow it. As no compensation is earned from the trading volumes, a trade is only initiated if found appropriate.

The forex pairs that are covered include the majors (such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD etc.) and forex crosses such as GBPAUD, GBPJPY, EURCAD etc.

The Signals Structure

You can easily combine ddmarkets forex signals with your current trades. The signals are researched by our top analysts.

Joining ddmarkets forex signals service may also guide you into how professional technical analysis is conducted.

trade ideas

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, ddmarkets is the place for you.

Crypto signals were recently added including long-term holders.

The cryptocurrency signals include Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Arbitrum (ARB), Polygon and liquid tokens.

Besides carrying a deep research and analysis, we evaluate multiple factors when deciding which cryptocurrency to buy or sell.

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Trading forex can be very challenging. Developing your own trading strategy can take time.

The trading strategies used for the signals took several years to develop.

The forex strategies are simplified to ensure any trader will learn from the analysis. Join us today and start receiving the trade alerts we provide.

intraday strategies

Using tested forex strategies for a reputable service may be a more desired approach. New forex traders may learn from the strategies we provide.

Some of the strategies are used are reversal patterns, price action, tend resumption patterns, Elliot wave and others.

Combining multiple techniques is done in an effort to provide the best signal out of the market.

forex trading strategies

Easy to follow trade ideas, entry price, stop, take profit, estimated duration, potential drawdown and risk ratio

Easy to follow signals

Conservative entries are used. Meaning, we avoid potential entries that require large stops or with a poor risk ratio

forex signals real performance

The trading performance begins from 2014. We are among the top trading signals providers with +8 years track record

daily forex signals updates

All the trade alerts are sent via email and documented on the website, including updates on open trades.

The trades performance includes a track record of seven years (2014 – 2021). Our trading signals is used by many experienced and new forex traders.

All the signals that we provide are appropriate for day trading and swing trading. The trade alerts are sent to your email along with daily updates on the market and active trades.

The trades are designed for the short term and medium term.

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Best Trading Signals

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In ddmarkets every trading signals we issue comes with the forex strategy. That means you can see the trade setup for every trading signal that was sent.

This may contribute into better understanding the markets and learning at the same time. Some of our members learned our approach to the market and are trading on their own as well as our trade alerts.

forex signals premium

We provide the breakdown of the trading signals that assists new members in understanding the market.

Experienced traders may benefit from our trading strategies and daily updates via email.

The trading strategy is not fixed as some strategies may favor different market conditions.

Crypto signals

Our task is to determine the current market conditions and select the most appropriate strategy. Some of our best forex signals with the strategies are:

GBP UK Referendum GBPNZD +700 Pips

We provide a breakdown of all the trading signals, which may assist new members in understanding how ddmarkets forex signals work gain trading experience via our analysis.

Best Forex Signals Provider for Online Trading

profitable forex signals

We are committed to provide accurate and reliable forex trading signals. Due to the extensive research that is carried into every forex signal our forex alerts are suitable for all investors and traders.

Every signal has an entry price, estimated duration, risk ratio, stop loss and take profit order.

In the alert service, we do our best to take advantage of the top trading opportunities.

professional forex signals

In addition, we also provide the estimated duration for every signal and outline the technical or fundamental strategy that was used for the trading signal.

The profit that is garnered per signal varies from trade to trade. We use longer time frames in an effort to garner a fairly decent amount of pips in accordance to the currency pair’s volatility.

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The aim of every signal is to determine the appropriate time to buy and sell currency pairs and crosses in the Foreign Exchange market.

Forex Signals Track Record

forex signals performance and open trades

A signals performance is essential to any forex signal provider covering the leading financial markets. Our signals performance is extremely transparent and dates back to 2014.

We document in great detail the trading strategy that was used to derive the signal from the charts as well as all updates that were issued on the trade until it is closed.

See how the forex signals work.

Every instrument in the forex signals performance is clickable in order to allow all traders to further assess the benefits of our market analysis.

Signal Risk Management

Professional Trading Signals

The number of active signals, estimated duration and the potential drawdown is controlled in an effort to contain the risk, which we believe we have conducted successfully for the past three years since we launched.

Access the Signals Now

Joining our service takes several minutes, we offer a spectrum of plans that strive to suit multiple types of traders such as day traders and swing traders. While forex robots may be attractive to some, all the signals are manually researched.

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It provides us with upper hand to quickly adjust to the market’s conditions. Forex robots and automated systems are unable to do so.

Sign up to the 14-day plan, 30-day plan or 90-day plan to start receiving our forex signals. Aside forex signals we also cover commodities and CFD’s such as the Dow or DAX30.

Signals Service Communication

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To provide a professional forex signals service, we are maintaining constant communication with our registered members.

We are issuing daily reports and updates on the progress of every trade and on the market.

This is done to ensure a high level of professionalism is maintained.

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All updates are issued via email as we find it superior to SMS signals.

The time of delivery is fast and due to the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices the emails may be received from multiple devices and are not limited to a personal computer.

DDMarkets is reviewed by one of the leading websites in the Forex industry.

While there are many free forex signals, our pricing is competitive.

We do our best to deliver the best forex signals based on tested trading strategies. The forex signals website is just as efficient as any signals apps.

Forex Signals Updates

Professional Trading Signals

Aside updates on the forex signals that are issued via email the market updates we issue include coverage of any extraordinary market events that trigger unusual volatility across a broad range of instruments.

Our forex signals and trading strategies are suitable for all investors and traders.

A trading account may be opened with any forex broker as the market analysis may be used with any trading platform.

As we are not commissioned from the spread or tied to any forex brokers it is in our best interest to prevent excessive risks in the market and focus on our success.

forex signals service 2022

We have been providing our market analysis, strategies and signals to online trader since 2014 with extreme transparency.

We are among the few providers that outline the technical or fundamental setup for every signal for over 4 years.

All of the forex and crypto signals are fully documented in the performance page including the technical strategies that were used for the signals. It only takes several minutes to join us.

Professional Trading Signals