Affiliates Program


The program is designed for bloggers, publishers and may also be used to refer friends including social media. All plans we offer are included in the affiliate program. (view all our plans). Upon applying for the affiliate  program a unique link will be displayed on this page  from which your referrals follow to apply for our plans. A tracking table will also be displayed on this page upon signing up for the program that also includes all due payments, the date and time the payments were issued including the transaction number

The payments are made via PayPal and will be issued when the trade alerts plan is due to renew or when the plan expires if it was cancelled by the trader. For example, if it is a 14-day plan then at the end of the 14 days. If it is a 30-day plan then the payment will be made at the end of the 30 days. If it is a single payment like the custom market research you will be paid within 10 days.

Digital Derivatives Markets (DDMarkets) provides technical and fundamental trading strategies in multiple markets such as Forex, Commodities etc. Our prime focus is on our followers and affiliates that are working with us.

         Fast Payments

         Real Time Tracking

         Powerful 70-day Cookie

         High Commissions

         Instant Notifications on Every Referral

         Cost Per Action (CPA) Model

Upon applying for our affiliates program a tracking table will be displayed on this page. From the table you will be able to track the number of referrals, the number of referrals that have applied for the packages, the earned commissions and when they have been paid.

You payment for every referral is 40% of the value of the trade plan your referral applies for.

You will be notified via an email when your referrals have signed up for our plans with the commission amount that you are due to receive. Should you require assistance with writing articles about us in your blog/website we will be more than happy to assist you.

It is essential you will have a PayPal account in order to join our affiliates program. PayPal is available in over 200 countries and creating a PayPal account only takes several minutes. If you do not have a website you may use the referral link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to Become an Affiliate

  • Register or login to your account at ddmarkets
  • Visit this page again and complete the affiliate registration
  • Your unique referral link and banners will then be displayed on this page



The tracking table will only be displayed once the first referral is made. In order to view the tracking table you may test the referral link from a separate browser.

If you have any questions on our affiliates program please contact us.