The affiliate program is designed for bloggers, publishers and may also be used to refer friends including social media.

We provide the best referral program via a powerful, reliable affiliate system that tracks all visits and conversions in real time.

Banners, statistics and current conversion rate are just some of the tools that are waiting for you at ddmarkets partnership program.


How to Become and Affiliate?

Simply register with us as an affiliate and start earning on your referrals!

We are using a powerful affiliate system that provides with in-depth analysis of your traffic.

A complete breakdown of your referrals, set campaigns, customize your referral link, instant notifications on successful referrals and more.

signup bonus

signup bonus referral

Register today and receive a +$25 signup bonus in the referrals section in your dashboard, terms and conditions apply.

We welcome all affiliates to join the best paying affiliate program with tiered levels where we pay as much as 60% per referral.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Payment Structure

Our payouts or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) begins at 40% for every affiliate,  which is among the best paying affiliate programs in today’s markets.

Every affiliate that registers with us begins receiving 40% for every successful referral, the payout increases with the amount of conversions as we will shortly explain..

Affiliate Program

The commissions are extremely high to ensure you are well-compensated for your referrals.

Tiered Payout Levels

To offer competitive commissions your revenue will increase with the number of successful referrals, meaning, users that joined any of our paid plans from your referral link.

Your commissions will begin at 40% and can reach as high as 60%. The tiered levels are offered to all affiliates.

Affiliate Program

1 – 2 40%
3 – 4 45%
5 – 7 50%
8 – 9 55%
10+ 60%

At the beginning of every new month the commissions will be reset back to 40%.

The affiliate must then reach 2 successful referrals in order to begin earning 50% commissions.

Note: It is important too note that the above tiered levels are subject to change.

Should we change the commissions’ levels it will be at the beginning of a new calendar month with a prior written notice via email, which will then reflect on this page.

Digital Derivatives Markets (DDMarkets) provides technical and fundamental trading strategies in multiple markets such as Forex, Commodities etc. Our prime focus is on our members and affiliates that are working with us.

Fast Payments

Real Time Tracking

High Commissions

Instant Notifications on Every Referral

Cost Per Action (CPA) Model

Upon applying for our affiliates program you will be provide with your referral link, campaigns, statistics, performance charts, real time tracking and a lot more.

One of our latest additions is the ability to customize your referral link.

Instead of ref=463 for example you can modify the affiliate link to ref=yourwebsite or any other term that you wish to use that is inline with our terms and conditions.

Affiliate Program

It is essential you will have a PayPal account in order to join our affiliates program. PayPal is available in over 200 countries and creating a PayPal account only takes several minutes.

If you do not have a website you may use the referral link on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Affiliate Program