Binary Options Trade Alerts: Our Latest Addition

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Introducing  Binary Options Trade Alerts

We have been providing trade alerts and market analysis in the spot market (Forex), Commodities, Stocks, Indices and Cryptocurrencies for past several months in our website. All our trades are fully documented with date and time and can be seen in our Trades Performance.

We are expanding our market analysis into the binary options market. Our trade alerts are not automated as we find many automated systems are unable to adapt to changing market conditions, which is often reflected in substantial consecutive losses. Our trading strategy has been carefully designed for trading binary options just like our strategies for other markets.

Our goal is to provide a decent Return on Investment (ROI) by the end of the month. Our overall success rate at the time of this writing is 78%.  If you have been following our trade alerts for the past several months we believe our performance speaks for itself. Track record is extremely important.

Due to the time factor the trade alert will be sent directly to your email address rather than the standard trade alerts for other markets. Updates regarding the trade (early closure and/or hedging) will also be sent directly to your email address. If you choose to continue receiving our binary options trade alerts once the free 14 days are over we will provide the analysis for the trade alert after sending the trade via an email to ensure it is documented in our website, which will only be accessed by premium traders. The performance however will be displayed for everyone, which is available in our binary options page where you can register for the free trade alerts.

We suggest trading with a broker that is fully regulated (by CySec) and that offers an early closure, meaning, you are able to exit the trade ahead of the expiration in FX binary options.

For our subscribers, we would like to thank you for choosing DDMarkets as your financial source for trading the market. For traders that are visiting us for the very first time, we sincerely hope you will benefit from our market research.

Last Updated on August 9, 2015