Intraday Play Following SVB Rescue

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The focus of global markets remains inflationary pressures. The Fed affirmed further rate hikes will take place in an event inflation remains elevated.

ETH Outlook: The Momentum Remains Intact

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ETHUSD outlook based on our technical models. An intraday strategy is provided for crypto day traders. Please note the outlook and intraday play are designed for professional and experienced traders.

Discovering the Next Bored Apes NFT Investment

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Discover the next NFT to consider buying in 2022. We covered the most popular NFT marketplaces, different types of NFT, the blockchain technologies and more. Our prediction for 2022 NFT trends is also included, free to all.

Crypto and NFT Predictions in 2022

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Top market predictions for 2022, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Since the immense popularity of BAYC series we predict what may be the next NFT projects and crypto that may outperform in the upcoming year,

The Fed Monetary Policy Minutes Changed the Markets

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The Fed monetary policy minutes changed the markets’ correlations. While 3 rate hikes are expected to take place in 2022, the quantitative easing program (bonds purchasing) may also come to an end. We discussed the effects of the minutes on the market (SP500 and Forex).

How to Start Trading NFT

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NFTs are becoming very popular following the bored apes launch. Learn what is a NFT, what market places allow you to buy and sell NFTs and why so many brands are spending millions of dollars in virtual real estate?