Bitcoin Forecast 2022: Technical and Fundamental Outlook

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Below is our Bitcoin forecast for 2022. We also provide the possible fundamental drive for the recent selling. The leading cryptocurrencies including bitcoin were heavily sold into 2022. Some analysts blame the Fed’s intentions to tighten its loose monetary policy as the trigger for bitcoin’s weakness. Due to the rising inflationary pressures the Fed may act, which in turn lead … Read More

Discovering the Next Bored Apes NFT Investment

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Discover the next NFT to consider buying in 2022. We covered the most popular NFT marketplaces, different types of NFT, the blockchain technologies and more. Our prediction for 2022 NFT trends is also included, free to all.

How to Start Trading NFT

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NFTs are becoming very popular following the bored apes launch. Learn what is a NFT, what market places allow you to buy and sell NFTs and why so many brands are spending millions of dollars in virtual real estate?

Is It Still Worth Buying Shiba Inu?

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Shiba Inu rallied over +300% in the crypto markets. Many investors joined the rally, hoping for further gains. Read our view of the cryptocurrency and what other coin may be positioned for stronger gains in the market?