Best Investments This Year

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we have covered some of the top investment in 2021. We explored 4 different markets one may explore and decide whether to invest or trade right now.

Crypto Trading: Dogecoin

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If you are wondering whether this is the best time to buying Dogecoin or would like to know what is Dogecoin is this article is for you. We also discuss Bitcoin (see one of our bitcoin strategies) and our forecast for the Dogecoin in the crypto markets. Dogecoin was created by an IBM engineer called Billy Markus. Billy partnered with … Read More

BTCUSD Intraday Strategy: Trading with the Algorithms

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In our intraday trading strategy for bitcoin (BTCUSD) we carry our analysis on the 4hr chat to determine the trend. We also discussed the Japanese trading volumes and algorithms.

Intraday Market Analysis: Brent Crude Oil Analyzed

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Brent Intraday Strategy Brent crude oil has benefited from OPEC’s decision to cut production earlier this year. Crude oil prices remained firm in the commodity markets despite the Fed’s rate hike and projections for 3 additional hikes throughout 2017. We will analyze Brent crude oil on several time frames to provide our intraday outlook for the commodity. One of the … Read More

BTC/USD Technical Strategy: Traders Are Positioned for Dip-Buying

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In 2015 we began covering Bitcoin but due to the right range the cryptocurrency was held we decided to abandon the coverage. We have noticed the volatility has picked up and made a decision to consider renewing our Bitcoin technical coverage for online traders in various exchanges and CFD’s. We have been providing trading signals in global markets such as … Read More

China GDP Trading Strategy: FX and Commodities

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As we near China GDP we release our trading strategies in the Forex and Commodity markets. We also employed intraday time frames for our analysis and signals.

Bitcoin Forecast 2015: Note the Bearish Flag

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Bitcoin projection for 2015 based on technical analysis (weekly chart) and a possible economic event that may spark a rally in the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Moderate Gains are Due

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As ‘Circle’ opened for the public, we believe Bitcoin will benefit from moderate gains as evident from our technical analysis on the weekly chart. Out technical projections for BTC/USD is $510.