Best Investments This Year

we have covered some of the top investment in 2021. We explored 4 different markets one may explore and decide whether to invest or trade right now.

Crypto Trading: Dogecoin

If you are wondering whether this is the best time to buying Dogecoin or would like to know what is Dogecoin is this article is for you. We also discuss Bitcoin (see one of our bitcoin strategies) and our forecast for the Dogecoin in the crypto markets. Dogecoin was created by an IBM engineer called Billy Markus. Billy partnered with …

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Signals

If you are looking for the best bitcoin and crypto signals in 2021 we have created this for you. We believe crypto signals must be reliable, consistent and generate decent returns.

January 2021 Live Trade Signals

The forex and CFD trade signals that were issued in January, 2021 are concentrated in this page including open and closed trades. Open trades may only be viewed by members until they are closed.

President Trump Covid19 Impact on the Market

President Trump was infected with covid19 (coronavirus). Learn how we expect the markets to trade following the volatility we have seen on the news.