Forex Copy Trading: Making a Profit over the Signal

Forex Copy Trading Forex trading signals are primarily designed to provide an entry in the market based on technical or fundamental analysis. There are various forms of trading signals, manual signals and automated signals. Automated signals often mean executing the trades in the followers’ trading accounts (commonly in the MT4 or MT5) or in other words copy trading. The signal …

The Best Trading Sessions in the Forex Market

We list the key trading sessions in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the market volatility and how one may adjust his or her trading strategy to the main forex sessions.

FX Signal Provider: Why Are We the Best?

We have been providing genuine and transparent forex trading signals and in other markets such as commodities and indices since 2014 to this date (2016). Our forex signal service is tailored for all types of traders, striving to provide an accurate reading of the market by providing the entry price, stop loss, take profit, estimated duration for the signal, risk …

Losing Control inside the Forex Grid Systems

Grid trading strategies are very popular in the Forex market. We present the filtering process of deriving the technical signals from the market and the chaos of grid trading strategies.

Summary: A Selection of Our Top FX Trade Alerts 2016

We discuss some of our top trades in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market since we launched in 2014, displaying the trade alerts and the chart that were used to derive the signals.