Losing Control inside the Forex Grid Systems

Grid trading strategies are very popular in the Forex market. We present the filtering process of deriving the technical signals from the market and the chaos of grid trading strategies.

Summary: A Selection of Our Top FX Trade Alerts 2016

We discuss some of our top trades in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market since we launched in 2014, displaying the trade alerts and the chart that were used to derive the signals.

The Psychological Factor in Scalping the FX Markets

Scalping is a common trading strategy in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. We discuss the advantages and risks of scalping and why the majority of social trading signals are based on scalping.

Trading Forex Via the Margin and Double Daily Close Stop

Many traders refrain from exercising stop loss orders due to stop hunting in the Forex market. We discuss the alternatives of trading without the usage of stop loss orders via double daily close and margin.

EURUSD Bull Rage 2016 FX Outlook: No Mercy

Our EURUSD 2016 outlook is based on the weekly chart and provides the medium-term projection for Euro Dollar in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

Exporters/Importers Solution in the Foreign Exchange Market

The exporters currency solution is aimed for both importers and exporters that wish to cut losses and enhance their profits in the foreign Exchange market. The plan may also be suited for seasoned traders.

Forex Trade Alerts: Managing the Take Profit

Once the trade alert is issued the market must be monitored to ensure the validity of the trade. In this article we discuss trade alerts that are based on breakout and reversal strategies and the possible risks of basing the trades on such strategies when it comes to the take profit.

A Closer Peek into Our Forex Trade Alerts

A deeper look into our how we research the forex trade alerts, what types of trading strategies we use and why many technical trading strategies have stopped working in the past 30 days due to a deviation in the currency correlations.

Understanding the Intraday Strategies Plan

How to use our spot intraday strategies that we offer in the spot intraday strategies plan. The guide explains the structure of the intraday analysis, when the strategies are released and what traders is the plan designed for.