How to Trade Forex

The ultimate trading guide for trading in the Foreign Exchange market, clarifying the risks and solutions that are not mentioned in numerous forex tutorials.

Market Observation: Scalp, Day Trade or Swing

In our market observation, we explain the behind-the-scenes trading strategies of scalping, day trading and swing trading and provide the main advantages and downsides. If you are trading forex, discover which strategy suits your character.

How to Set Your Stop Loss Orders via Technical Analysis

Setting your stop loss orders is crucial if you wish to conduct a healthy risk management. We explore multiple trading strategies in which a stop loss can be determined via technical analysis and live examples.

Advanced Binary Options Techniques Part I

We are proud to introduce our advanced trading strategies for binary options. Our guidelines are based on real market experience and provide key guidelines for global traders for improving technical entries, risk management and trading psychology.

Platforms Coverage: Portfolio Diversification

As part of our trading platforms coverage we would like to suggest a trading software of a listed broker in the London Stock Exchange that offers a full trading diversification via multiple markets, offering over +1,500 financial instruments.

Trading Techniques: Managing a Drawdown

Learn how to manage a significant drawdown in your trades in the Forex market. It is important to maintain a healthy trading psychology bur actions speak louder than words. Our technique is designed for experienced traders.

The Greatest Binary Lie

Binary options gained immense popularity over the years, luring in dumb money from the four corners of the earth.

Social Trading: is it Worth Your Buck?

Learn how social trading can consume your investment in an instance. Many trades still do not know how to select a trader and the risks involved in doing so.