Technical Stock Projections for 2017

As we near the end of 2016 we present our selected stocks for the upcoming year, predicting the best stocks to buy and sell in global equities. 2016 was an extraordinary year in multiple markets, we are likely to witness another extraordinary year in 2017. In our projections we strive to pick the stocks that are expected to produce the …

Greece Referendum 2015 Newsroom

In this page we provide the latest news on the Greek referendum, polls and our forecasts. We also discuss the possible implications on a YES and a NO vote on the Euro in the Forex market.

Teva Outlook 2015 Following the Attempts to Take over Mylan

As Teva completed the acquisition of more than 4.60% of Mylan’s stocks it now has the power to initiate the takeover. We analyse the stock market to determine Teva’s outlook for 2015 via technical analysis.

EURUSD Outlook Ahead of the 4 December ECB Meeting

Many predictions and recommendations were published in the market suggesting to sell EURUSD. We explored EURUSD key fundamentals and technical models to produce our projection for Euro-Dollar, focusing on the upcoming ECB meeting on the 4 December.

USDJPY Technical Outlook November 2014

USDJPY posted marginal gains since the beginning of 2013 and recently aided by the Bank of Japan BOJ) decision to almost double its Quantitative Easing (QE) operations). But for how long will the those gains continue?

Morning Market Update: Avoid Selling EUR/USD

Our morning trading strategies for 30 September, 2014. A brief technical commentary for the major pairs including the FX expirations for today’s session. Despite current levels, we believe buy-on-dips strategies in EUR/USD will be exercised in today’s session.

Technical Strategies Ahead of the PBOC Economic Reforms

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is likely to introduce new economic measures in order to deal with current economic slowdown. Monetary actions from the PBOC often have a substantial impact on commodities prices. In our trading strategy we focus on Gold, Us Oil, Platinum, SPMIB40 and USDCHF.

Exclusive: Scotland Referendum Trading Strategies

The Scotland referendum predictions and trading strategies in the Forex market. We observe the referendum from a technical an fundamental angle while providing live updates on the vote that is set to begin on Thursday.

The ECB ABS Program Trading Opportunities 2014-2015

Mario Draghi revealed new Quantitative Easing (QE) measures will be introduced in the form of an Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) program, more details on the QE will be revealed in October. We have analysed global markets to determine what trading opportunities may arise from new QE in the Forex market, Stocks and ETF’s.