Stocks Trading Strategies

Our stocks projections for May 2021. We focused on a number of stocks and ETF, presented the technical outlook and strategy for the stocks including the targets. The strategies are intended for experienced traders.

President Trump Covid19 Impact on the Market

President Trump was infected with covid19 (coronavirus). Learn how we expect the markets to trade following the volatility we have seen on the news.

September and October 2020 Forex and CFD Signals Summary

A summary of our trading signals in September 2020. The signals were initiated in the Forex market as well as CFD’s. The signals are displayed with the chart that was used to generate the signals.

EURCAD FX Signal: Italy Budget and Canada CPI

We outlined the technical setup for our signal in EURCAD while discussing the latest market events such as the upcoming UK Parliamentary vote in December.

EURUSD and NZD Signal Strategies

We outlined the technical setups for NZD and EURUSD following the weekly close, summarizing the key events that took place in the Forex market.

EURNZD Signal Strategy: 4hr Setup

The US employment figures are continuing to improve, which may lead to an additional rate hike by the Fed. As the US Dollar (USD) benefits from safe-have flows reports of a brewing trade deal between the United States and China weakened USD against a basket of currencies. We should highlight that the reports of a trade deal between the US …

GBPJPY Technical Setup: UK Budget and BOE

Aside the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures, Amazon and Alphabet missed the earnings’ expectations, which contributed to some of the weakness we have seen in the leading US indices. The selling weakened the US Dollar in the Foreign Exchange market. Reports on Friday suggested brexit negotiations were placed on hold as the UK cabinet struggled with how to continue …

EURGBP Brexit Signal: EU Summit

In our weekly research we focused on GBP prior to the EU summit that is scheduled to take place on Thursday. We presented the setup for our signal in the Forex market.

Brexit, US Treasury Yields and the US Dollar

In the weekly update we discussed the recent brexit developments, the spike in the US treasury yields and the technical setup for the upcoming week, focusing on the US Dollar.