Stocks Trading Strategies

Our stocks projections for May 2021. We focused on a number of stocks and ETF, presented the technical outlook and strategy for the stocks including the targets. The strategies are intended for experienced traders.

Kicking off 2020 With AUDJPY

We focused on AUDJPY in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market following the PBOC latest easing measures, which lifted the leading indices higher in today’s session.

EUR ECB Trading Strategy: The End of the QE?

The ECB is expected to provide more details on ending the current QE program following the Fed monetary policy. We released our technical setups for both EURUSD and EURJPY.

End of Month Technical Entries August 2017

We outlined our trading strategies in the market following August’s monthly close, focusing on US crude oil and NZD pairs and crosses in the Forex market.

The Canadian Dollar and the NAFTA

In our CAD trading strategy we discuss CAD recent weakness, the Fed and ECB monetary policies as well as outlining our strategy for one of CAD crosses in the FX markets.

USDCHF Technical Signal: Diving into the Trend

We discuss EURUSD uptrend and provide our technical strategy for USDCHF in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market prior to initiating a signal based on our analysis.

EURAUD Technical Entry: Joining the Chaos

In EURAUD trading strategy we cover some of the recent events that lead to the current volatility in the FX markets and provide our technical setup for EURAUD prior to initiating a trade in the market.

EURGBP Trading Strategy: Assessing All Risks

Our EURGBP trading strategy focuses on both the daily and 4hr chart after Mario Draghi (ECB President) remarks that triggered a stop hunt in EURUSD, which spilled over to EURGBP.

EUR Trading Strategy: Can the Euro Trade Higher?

The Euro surged against a basket of currencies as President Donald Trump triggered risk aversion mode in global markets. In our forex signal strategy we focus on EUR recent rally.