Forex signals during covid 19

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is affecting financial markets and the lives of many individuals. Although some countries have began easing the lockdown measures, until a vaccine is discovered. The impact on the Forex market is reflected in extraordinary volatility, such as GBPAUD that spiked over +800 pips within seconds.

During uncertainty or risk events the market often provides greater opportunities. In the forex signals GBP and USD are dominating at the time of this writing. In the commodities crude oil(nymex) signals we  have initiated provided greater profits within a short period of time due to volatile market conditions.

If you new to our signals please read how the forex signals work.

Coronavirus and Forex Trading Signals

The Coronavirus affected many markets. A global economic slowdown as a result of the prevention measures is generating large movements in the market, which may be taken advantage of via signals.

Trading via a single time frame (4hr chart for example) may not be as effective as an increased number of potential entries is also seen on lower time frames. We have adjusted our technical signals into shorter time frames to fully capitalize over the market including commodities.

Coronavirus Signals Q&A

The forex signals service is active and unaffected by Covid-19. The forex signals are suitable for beginners but some experience or familiarity with technical analysis may contribute. Looking forward, we are paying greater attention to entries with greater potential profit in Forex, Commodities and Indices.

These are some of the important questions that are asked about forex trading since the Coronavirus erupted.

Were you affected by Covid 19?

No, the Coronavirus did not affect us.

What Changed during the Coronavirus?

Little has changed, the research and analysis is the same. We have began initiating signals bases on shorter time frames as opposed to our conservative approach (daily, weekly and monthly charts). The reason behind this decision is due to the renewed volatility as a result of the Coronavirus.

Is it more risky to trade now?

Trading always consists of some risks, which is why capital management is important. Volatility may present increased profits but risk management must be implemented at any given time. We use our experience to maneuver through the dense forest of the leading financial markets.

If you have never heard of us before we provided more information in how to use the forex swing signals.

Is it more difficult to trade now with real time forex signals?

No. The signals are sent via email and are delivered within a number of seconds (less than 5 at the time of this writing), which s how they are copied. If the price for a short trade is 1.2015 for example we write that the entry is relevant as long as the price is above 1.1980 for example. It provides our members a sufficient time to act.

How are the signals generated?

The forex signals are mostly based on technical analysis. We do pay attention to the fundamental end of the market that acts as a compass. It may assist us in filtering false entries. Every signal is researched, no automated software or unique indicators are used in the process of generating signals.

How are the forex signals predicted?

We mainly use reversal and continuation patterns. Most of our signals are documented and be viewed from the signals performance. It is important for us to prevent deep drawdown, on numerous occasions if we note we misread the market we will accept the loss and proceed to the next trade.

You may find a more detailed information in the homepage.

Your losses increased because of the Coronavirus?

No. In fact our consistency improved since the market volatility increased due to Covid-19, June is a great example. We avoid large stops such as 500 pips for example. Even when losses are incurred they are within the norm. The forex signals started in 2014, which is currently a little over 6 years.

What are the benefits of online signals?

Online signals are suitable for new and experienced traders. When one is not a full-time trader it may save valuable time in analyzing and researching.the market. Of course, it is very important the overall performance is consistent. Losses cannot be prevented, the key is consistency.

Are your forex signals reliable during the Coronavirus pandemic?

We have the performance of the signals from 2014 – 2020. You may go through the performance and decide whether they are reliable. During the years we have incurred consecutive losses as well as consecutive profits. Naturally, some months or years outperformed others. A financial crisis tends to provide more entries as noted earlier.

If I am working from home can I trade and make money online?

Many people are working from home instead of their workplace due to the pandemic. Trading can fit your work schedule as an additional income. We must stress though that like any investment, trading is not risk-proof. Money management (such as the used leverage in Forex) is important to withstand consecutive losses just like there are consecutive profits.

Is it better to trade forex , commodities  or indices due to Covid 19?

An excellent question. Commodities such as crude oil (nymex and brent) provided decent signals, we recently realized a fairly decent profit in crude oil as well as gold. We have also realized greater profits in the indices such as the DAX30 and the Dow. We cannot say one market has an advantage over the other, we strive to handpick signals in multiple markets.

If I am unemployed can I use your signals to make money instead of a regular job?

Another excellent question. Trading is composed of profits and losses. We were able to successfully withstand losses for over 6 years as we accept losses rather than attempting to profit at any cost, which may result in deep losses, some times beyond recovery. It requires mental strength and being fully aware of the risks involved.

Traders that joined us in the beginning of June are in a fairly large profit at the time of this writing. We cannot guarantee instant profits for anyone that joins us today but as you see from the performance we have been consistent. We strongly suggest to explore money management techniques and understand what trading requires and consists of.

It is also important to highlight that risking your entire capital is not recommended. The capital that is allocated for trading must be capital that you are wiling to risk even when a controlled risk management is in place.

Is it expensive to join your signals?

We try to remain competitive in the market. You may find more information in the forex signals pricing plans.

What is your view on the markets for 2020 – 2021?

For experienced traders, the inverted yield curve that was seen throughout 2019 indicated a major crisis may been. Central banks adopted loose monetary policies to combat the financial crisis due to the Coronavirus. These monetary polices are triggering volatility in multiple markets. Once central banks will begin normalizing rates further volatility may be seen.

One of the events in 2020 aside the Coronavirus is the US elections. The elections’ polls may trigger additional volatility as we near November, 2020. Brexit will be more relevant as we near the end 2020. See how we traded the prior US elections and the profit that was made in 2016.

The above may create numerous entries, which is beneficial to online traders as well as investors. For may find more information in our forex signals plans.