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Trade with the best crypto signals. The signals for crypto and bitcoin are based on tested trading strategies from the leading financial markets. We employ trading techniques that we used for more than 7 years for Forex and CFD’s (see our forex signals performance).

The crypto signal is initiated via technical analysis. We analyze the cryptocurrency on multiple time frames to determine the short-term and long-term trend. Join us today to access the strategies and signals.

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We then look into the risk reward ratio (RR). Poor RR is often avoided as we prefer opting only for high quality signals. Once a signal is initiated, updates on active trades are sent via email. At the time of this writing all emails we sent are delivered in less than a second.

As we do with the forex signals, the signal setup is published on the website and may only be accessed by active members. Once the trade is closed it is then available to all for reviewing.

We provide the best trading signals and strategies for cryptocurrencies using our great experience. It is a great opportunity for you to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies via technical analysis.

Best Crypto Signals

Best Crypto Signals

Trading cryptocurrencies or forex always involves losses. We at ddmarkets wish to be as transparent as possible regarding profits and losses that are made in the market.

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crypto trade signals - ddmarkets

The crypto signals performance displays all profits and losses that were made so it may be evaluated by any traders that wish to join us. The crypto alerts are fairly new, you may view our forex signals track record, which is currently over 7 years.

Supported Crypto Exchanges

Supported Crypto Exchanges

The price feed or quote for cryptocurrencies varies across the exchanges. Automated crypto signals for Binance for example may not work on Coinbase due to the price differences.

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There are many other popular crypto exchanges such as Bittrex, Kraken and KuCoin. For crypto trading bots you must have a 100% compatibility. However, ddmarkets crypto signals are issued via email. You therefore have the flexibility to trade with any exchange or platform you wish.

The vast majority of the signals will be at current market price in real time. We will bear in mind the price differentials across the exchanges when setting the  stop loss and take profit orders. The exchange’s price for the cryptocurrency intraday strategy and signal will be provided.

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Our focus is on the leading cryptocurrencies. (BTC) Bitcoin signals, Tether, (ETH) Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and more. We will also select altcoins that are less popular with the signals and trading strategies.

We will alternate between cryptos and altcoins in order to discover the best entries with firm risk reward ratio. If you are new to trading you may also learn how technical analysis is conducted and learn from the signals. All the charts that were used for the signals are available to all.

The latest crypto news are monitored to ensure the best trading opportunities are uncovered and capitalized on. If there are particular crypto currencies you are interested in please do contact us, we will do our best to have the covered.

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The plan will begin as soon as you sign up and can be terminated at any time.

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Crypto Signals   Access all our crypto signals

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