Discovering the Next Bored Apes NFT Investment

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Following the great success of the bored apes NFT, we attempt to unearth the next NFT investment. With many NFT enthusiasts and increasing interest in the tokens we strive the predict the pillars of the next NFT trend.

We are breaking down the success of the bored apes and discuss other NFT markets with great potential.

Bored Apes Yacht Club Boom

The bored apes yacht club (BAYC) took the market by storm. Launched in April 2021, the bored apes Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) sold at approximately 0.08 ether, which was equivalent to around $200 at the time.

bored ape gold trait

The apes (some call them monkeys) were quickly sold. Each bored ape value is exceeding $200,000 at the time of this writing. What is determining the value of each bored ape NFT is the rarity. Out of the 10,000 bored apes that are available only 46 have a ‘solid gold’ fur. This makes them extremely rare and highly valuable for collectors.

The fur color and clothing of the apes is known as ‘traits.’ The rarer the trait, the higher the value of the NFT. The bored apes collection are traded in opensea, the most popular trading platform for NFT. Bored apes NFT bring exclusive benefits and commercial rights the owner.

Mutant Apes NFT

Aside the bored apes collection. the same team launched ‘the Mutant Ape Yacht Club’ (MAYC). The value of the mutant apes has been increasing in 2022 but still not as expensive as the bored apes.

20,000 mutant apes are available. 10,000 are brand new, which may attract newcomers to the prestige NFT club. The remaining 10,000 are for existing bored apes NFT that can be mutated via a ‘serum.’

A serum NFT and a bored ape NFT are required to mutate the bored ape into a mutant ape. Rare mega mutant serum was recently sold for over $5,000,000. Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of is person that bought the rare mega serum NFT.

Click to enlarge:

mega mutant serum

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mega mutant serum opensea transaction

opensea source

The mutant apes have yet to reach the value of of the original bored apes but their value is increasing. Investors that believe in the concept of the BAYC may find it as ‘cheaper’ alternative to the first series released by the yacht club.

A play-to-earn game is launching this year, in partnership with Animoca Brands. No details have been revealed on the blockchain gain but it has been listed in Roadmap 2.0 by the yacht club on twitter.

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bored apes roadmap 2022

Bored apes yacht club official twitter

A festival to the unique NFT holders is expected to held towards the end of 2022, which will gain a lot of attraction.

The Next NFT Trend

Due to the immense popularity of non fungible tokens, the next trade in 2022 will be taking a loan against NFT. Kraken (among other platforms) are working on allowing investors to deposit their NFTs in exchange for a loan in cryptocurrencies while the NFT used as a collateral.

The loaned cryptocurrencies can be invested for example in other NFT or cryptocurrencies. With many startups raising capital for NFT loans. These services also include assistance with estimation and liquidation of NFT.

If you are new to crypto NFT it is a ‘red hot’ market at the time of this writing that has reached large investors from all over the world. Free NFT are also available in competitions or in the form of rewards.

Copying Existing Trends

Many new NFT projects copy existing successful projects in an effort to replicate their success. There are numerous apes NFTs that stemmed out of the bored apes. As investors are eager to jump on the next possible ‘road to richness’ some of these projects are able to lift off.

A good example are Arabpunkz, which is very similar to the successful cryptopunks project by Larvalabs.

The Next NFT Investment

Identifying the next NFT project that has the potential for a high Return on Investment (ROI) is challenging. The project must be unique and first of its kind, similar to BAYC when it first launched.

the next nft to buy

At ddmarkets we listed some of the NFT projects we predict to outperform in 2022 and possibly upcoming years. The NFT forecasts are available in some our plans.

While bored and mutant apes series are avatars, NFTs artwork are also catching the attention of collectors. Determining which artwork may appeal to collectors in the future require is a difficult task. Nevertheless it is gaining popularity and worth looking into.


GameStop is announced it is launching its own NFT marketplace. The news triggered strong gains in the stock. GameStop market place will allow buying, selling and trading NFTs in their platform.

The NFTs will focus on the gaming industry such as skins. Similar to other projects, ‘rare’ gaming NFTs value may increase over time if the video game gain popularity.


Tom Brady launched his own market place for NFT autographs. The weekend (singer) is releasing a NFT series on for fans and collectors. You can find other artists and NFTs in the marketplace.

Autographs have been appealed to collectors for many years. It is still unclear how collectors will react to NFT autographs.

Tarantino NFT Audio

Quentin Tarantino will be selling original pulp fiction scripts and audio. The NFT auction is set to commence on 17 January via SCRT lab and end on 31 January, 2022.

The pulp fiction’s NFTs will use smart network technology. Smart network technology means that the image or audio of the NFT require decryption in order to be publicly viewed.

Only the NFT owner has the keys to decrypt the NFT. The owner can share the keys so the NFT can be publicly viewed or enjoy the artwork privately. It also comes with the ability to hide the NFT ownership or show the world that you own the piece.

Registrations for Tarantino’s NFTs are open on 10 January, 2022. If you are interested in participating in the auction this is the registration link.

NFT Blockchain Tech

A large portion of NFT are traded in the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum gas fees (commissions) are fairly high at the time of this writing. Crypto traders are expecting Ethereum 2.0 update in 2022, which may begin reducing the high commissions.

Until it materializes, these are the alternative blockchain technology that are using for buy and and selling NFTs in 2022:




The ranking of the NFT market places is likely to keep changing as we advance into 2022. Opensea is currently the largest marketplace for NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Solana nevertheless is picking up pace due to ETH gas fees.

NFT Auction Houses

Collectors are also buying and selling NFT in auction houses. These are often high-value NFT but there is no guarantee their worth will increase over time.

Some of these popular high-end NFT auction houses are:



NFT Trends in 2022

The introduction of web 3.0, the transition of the internet is fascinating. Similar to cryptocurrencies, in an event NFT is adopted world wide such as coupons at the grocery stores, replace tickets for music festivals etc. some of the early NFT artwork could potentially worth a substantial amount to collects.

Like any markets there are high risks in speculating in these markets. Even if NFT will reshape the world’s traditional economies, evaluating the NFT that will outperform require great experience and understanding what NFT means to collectors.

Avatars NFT

At the time of this writing gaming avatars are very popular, we expect it to evolve into other areas over time. Samsung is integrating NFT markets into its TVs (set to launch in 2022), which introduce new traders into NFT.

Prisoners NFT

Ross Ulbricht, founded of Silk Road and serving time in prison sold 1 NFT for millions of dollars. Prisoners, especially individuals that have made headlines at a national or global scale may also begin producing their very own artwork as NFT. We expect sentenced prisoners NFT to become popular throughout 2022 – 2023.

Political Figures NFT

Beeple, a known a digital artist NFT sold for over $6,000,000 in 2021. The NFT (‘Crossroads’) representing the former US President Donald Trump fetched millions of dollars.

beeple trump nft

beeple trump nft

Beeple NFT source

Although Beeple has his reputation as an artist, politicians may gradually enter the NFT markets. The early released NFT by known political figures may be worth some money to collectors in the future (under the assumption NFT will be adopted at a global scale).

NFT memberships

Flyfish restaurant is the first restaurant to offer NFT memberships to its restaurant. Expected to open only in 2023, the NFT provides only access to the restaurant.

The 10,000 square foot restaurant is offering different types of membership levels. The sale that took place on 7 January, 2022 was quickly grabbed by NFT enthusiasts.

The memberships can be resold or leased. The questionable part about Flyfish is what will occur if the restaurant does not open in 2023 or at all? Was the restaurant simply raising funds to open the restaurant?

flyfish nft membership

Flyfish at opensea

Memberships NFT may be highly collectable and may offer a passive income if they can be leased to other individuals.

To summarize, the NFT boom has began. At the time of this writing it may continue into 2022. A large scale adaptation of non fungible tokens is yet to be known.

Whether it is metaverse NFT or artwork, NFT marketplaces cover it all.

Last Updated on February 20, 2023