Ethereum is among the most popular cryptocurrencies for trading as well as building.

Ethereum blockchain technology is widely used for developing new crypto projects. Smart contracts on Ethereum and tokens are based on the ERC-20 Standard.

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Numerous blockchain projects have launched on Ethereum including non-fungible tokens.

Decentralized layer-1 and layer-2 Mainnet are gaining momentum and adoption across the globe.

Towards the end of 2022, the network transitioned from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS).

The upcoming upgrades for network, dubbed ‘the Shanghai Upgrade’ and ‘the Capella Upgrade’ (nicknamed ‘Shapella) is expected to take place on 12 April 2023 (epoch¬†194048).

ethereum price forecast and strategy

The upgrades will enable ETH stakers with the option to unstake and claim their rewards.

The technical list of changes can be found on Ethereum official blog.

In the near future, Ethereum’s next upgrade. ‘Proto-Danksharding’ is expected to scale Ethereum to 100,000 per second (TPS).

The upgrade is also referred to as ‘EIP-4844.’

Ethereum Fees and NFTs

Additionally, the gas fees by the network my be substantially lowered. Cheap transaction fees may assist will make Ethereum more appealing to the masses.

The current ETH gas fees is between $6 – $15 and can very well be higher. The gas can be tracked on etherscan.

eth gas prices

Compared to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains, Layer 2s such as Polygon or Optimism (less than 10 cents in fees), sharding may significantly improve the network.

In the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) sector, demand for eth-based NFTs is high compared to NFTs on other chains.

DeGods NFTs, valued at $16,000 at the time of this writing is migrating from Solana to Ethereum. Y00ts, another well-known NFTs also migrated to Polygon (EVM compatible).

Investing in Ethereum

The number of ETH wallets is rising. At the time of this writing there are over 220 million unique ETH addresses according to etherscan.

ETH wallets addresse

ETH developers, Venture Capital (VCs), funds and tech firms are all monitoring Ethereum price. The latest Ethereum news must also be closely monitored.

Ether-related investments saw a surge of +6.25% to a total of $7.22 billion.

Ethereum Forecasts

At ddmarkets, we are offering crypto signals and Ethereum forecasts for professional Ethereum investors.

The forecasts and price predictions are intended for the short term, medium term and long term. To determine ETH trend, technical price action models are exercised by the team.

In terms of accuracy and reliability, we invite you to assess our forex alerts performance and some of our ETH trading strategies.

The Ether forecasts may also be used for spot trading, perpetuals etc. by experienced crypto traders.

Ethereum forecasts and predictions

The forecasts are composed of the following:


The price targets for Ethereum based on multiple time frames. The analysis is manually executed.

Key levels

The key price levels for Ethereum. Failure to break above or below these levels may trigger a trend reversal.

Major events

Key events that had or may have a significant impact on Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies).


By accessing reliable and accurate Ethereum outlooks, traders and companies have the ability to adjust in accordance. All of the projections are manually researched by our team (no outsourcing).

The outlook may be used for trading or for your business, whether earned ETH should be liquidated or held onto.

If you wish to receive accurate Ethereum forecasts and predictions at competitive pricing, we believe we are providing an adequate solution.

The Ethereum forecasts are included in the crypto plan at an introductory price.

Apply for the plan today for immediate access.

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Recent Ethereum Forecast 2023

Our forecast begins with ETHUSD weekly chart. When a weekly chart is used, the outlook is likely to be within the medium-term to long-term range.

Nevertheless, there may be exceptions. Click on the chart to enlarge:

ethusd chart

ETHUSD Weekly Chart 02/04/23

ETHUSD may have broken above resistance, supported by the 55MA (in black).

The price can still re-test the breached resistance (now acting as support) even though it was already re-tested. The support is around $1,660.

Due to the tight price range ETHUSD is held in shorter time frames, it is unclear at this stage whether the upcoming upgrade on 12 April will trigger a re-test due to profit taking or further gains.

At the time of this writing, at least in the medium-term, ETHUSD may be heading towards $2,400.

A break above the nearest weekly high (approximately $1,860) may pave the way for stronger gains towards the technical target.

Ethereum Forecast Update

As the Shapella upgrade took place, strong were noted across the top cryptocurrencies. Ethereum broke above the $2,000 market.

Click on the chart to enlarge:


ETHUSD Weekly Chart 14/04/23

We are continuing to track ETHUSD, new forecasts will be published when found appropriate.

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