EURUSD Intraday Binary Options Strategy: 100% Techincal

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EURUSD Intraday Strategy

This is out first intraday binary options intraday trading strategy for the Forex market, designed solely for binary options traders. The intraday strategies are tailored for traders that wish to derive their own trades via a range of time expiration. The reason why it is released at the end or during the Asian session is to ensure it is applicable for the European session the following day. We will cover the currency pairs (assets) that provide the biggest payouts in the Forex market, EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURJPY. There may be times we will cover all three currency pairs, just one instrument or perhaps add other currency pairs such as AUDUSD or GBPNZD for example. Our prime focus will be on the top 3 currency pairs that are known to give the biggest payouts in the market.

As this is a trial period we are limiting the analysis to Euro Dollar. When the trial will end on 11 August, 2015, we will add more currency pairs to the intraday strategies. Do take the time to study the analysis. It is designed for experienced traders that are familiar with technical analysis and possess the ability to conduct their own analysis via price action strategies.

EURUSD 60 Minutes Chart

Please click on the chart to enlarge:

EURUSD 60 Mnutes Chart 06/08/15

EURUSD 60 Mnutes Chart 06/08/15

The Technical Strategy: Part I

We will begin with the potential levels for call options in EURUSD and break down the time expiration. The first key level is at 1.0912, which is a relatively strong support level. The support requires to be tested by the market in order to become relevant. A re-test as we call it means the price must reach 1.0912 and not close below. It could be trade below 1.0912 during the hour (it is an hourly chart) but it must close a the end of the hour at 1.0912 or above. If the market closes at 1.0911 it is still considered as a successful re-test. An entry will be provided at the hourly close, which can be capitalize on via shorter time frames such as 30 minutes or 15 minutes.

We are going to focus on the 15min chart. The 15min candlestick must have short, lower shadow and the body of the candlestick must be at the support level or within a near proximity to it. If a hammer is painted the risk is for corrective weakness towards the support level, which can then be acted upon via 30 minute expiration without the need to wait for the 15min close. It is also possible to exercise shorter time expiration such as 60 seconds or 2 minutes but highlight such time expiration is considered in our eyes as aggressive trading. If the 15min chart closes at the support level (the body) it may provide optimal conditions for a 30min expiration.

1.0912 can be traded upon multiple times until the market finally breaks below by posting an hourly close below 1.0912. If a bearish breakout takes place the focus will shift on the next key support at 1.0877.

The Technical Strategy: Part II

You may noticed EURUSD is trading within a triangle (pennant) on the hourly chart. Should EURUSD break the lower line of the triangle it may pave the way for further weakness towards 1.0850. A entry will only be provided upon a re-test of the breached support line (lower blue line) on the 15min chart, which may confirm the breakout has been successful. A 60min expiration would be the desired approach. 1.0863 may provide snap call binary options (60 seconds – 15min) if the price tests the support without requiring the candlestick to close. The optimal scenario would be a strong selling pressure that will drive the price in a short period of time towards 1.0863, which you will see is able to contain the weakness. The desired entry would be a price that is as a close as possible to 1.0863.

1.0850 is the hourly objective of a bearish breakout (should it occur) outside the triangle.

The Technical Strategy: Part III

EURUSD intraday resistance levels begins with 1.0929, which was successfully tested by the market at the time of this writing and lead , which lead to a bearish retracement in the currency pair after painting the classic ‘Hanging Man.’ EURUSD resistance is supported by the 100 Moving Average (MA, in pink). We suggest monitoring the 100MA and 1.0929 as it may provide more technical put options in the market. The desired expiration upon an hourly close is to revise the 15min chart and determine if a divergence or classic reversal patterns were painted as a confirmation. The optimal expiration would be 45 – 60 minutes. The resistance is unlikely to provide and short-term expiration such as 60 seconds.

The 100MA is likely to trade below 1,0929 during the European session. A break above the 100MA (30min close may be sufficient) may provide a call option in EURUSD with an expiration ofanywhere between 15min – 60min. A break above 1.0929 will be insufficient for taking call options unless the price is able to break outside the triangle (upper blue line). In Such a scenario the bulls may aim for the 200MA (in orange) A dip would be required on the 15min chart towards the breached resistance (upper blue line) in order to enter the market. If the market tests the 200MA and appears to be having difficulties closing above a put option may be provided on the 15min chart. If the market paints a firm resistance level n the 15min chart at the location of the 200MA on the hourly chart it may be capitalized on via 2min – 30min expiration.

A break above the 200MA may pave the way towards 1.0994, which is expected to hold on the first test. We are aware the Non Farm Payrolls is due tomorrow but we believe EURUSD intraday strategy is likely to be relevant much before, possibly even at the time of this writing although we must highlight the market volumes are becoming thinner.

When EURUSD strategy was published it was only available to traders that have signed up for our intraday strategies plan.

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EURUSD Intraday Binary Options Strategy: 100% Techincal
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