Exporters/Importers Solution in the Foreign Exchange Market

DDMarkets Exporters Currency Solution

We have been providing forex trade alerts (signals) since 2014, documenting all our trades in the ‘Trades Performance.’ The forex trade alerts focused mainly on majors and several crosses with trades update and a conservative risk reward ratio. Our exporters plan is designed for exporters, importers and anyone who is dealing with the foreign exchange market on a frequent basis.

The FX Difficulties

As you are probably aware, the fluctuations in the currency markets may be very costly to you as an exporter. For example, if your company is in Germany and you are offering technical equipment for sale at $100,000. Due to a fluctuation in the Foreign Exchange market the Euro has strengthened against the US Dollar. If a buyer emerges and pays for the technical equipment your company may end up losing a significant amount of money.

$100,000 where one Euro is worth $1.3500. That means $100,000 are worth EUR 74,047

The Euro strengthened against the US Dollar to $1.3700

The $100,000 are now worth EUR 72,992

The loss over the fluctuations in the currency rates is EUR 1,055

On the other hand, if the Euro would have weakened against the US Dollar the exporter would have benefited from the currency rates and earn more money than what was initially expected. Exporters may benefit from a weak currency rates while importers benefit from a strong currency rate.

Banks offer hedging techniques in the Forex market in order to protect businesses from the market fluctuations but it comes with a price. Such services are costly that may only dent your company’s net income.

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DDMarkets Currency Solution

Our currency  projections are published every Sunday and cover the expected trend for selected currency pairs for the upcoming week where updates are issued via email throughout the week on the published projections. As opposed to our trading strategies that are designed for traders, the currency projections in the exporters plan are simplified and avoids the technical tone that is used for our swing and day traders.

The accuracy of the currency projections are extremely important to ensure it acts as an alternative to customary hedging in the forex options market as well as the assurance the projections can be easily followed. We are fully aware of these critical elements and use our experience to ensure our currency projections will be simple to follow while maintaining high quality market forecasts as we have been doing since 2014.

Who is the Exporters Currency Plan For?

We strive to appeal to all types of companies, large and small. By understanding the expected trend of the currencies you are using for exporting or importing may allow you to capitalize over the fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange market, minimize the possibilities of unnecessary losses due to a change in the currency value and enhance you profits.

In addition, companies or individuals that specialize in real estate or simply wish to sell a property overseas may benefit from a weak local currency.

Experienced currency traders may also benefit from the exporters plan despite the fact is primarily designed for companies of all sizes. We do offer other plans that are dedicated for seasoned traders.

Exporters Solution Plan Currencies

The following currencies are covered in the exporters plan:


More currencies will be covered in due date. If you would like to be notified when a new currency pair is added please email us and we will keep you updated.

Exporters/Importers Solution in the Foreign Exchange Market
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Exporters Currency Solution 30-day Plan: $96.50

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Exporters/Importers Solution in the Foreign Exchange Market