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Start your trial today and experience what it is like being a full member of ddmarkets and access all forex trading signals.

Learn how to trade with ddmarkets. The FX signals include the chart and timeframe the trade is based on.

By understanding why the trade was initiated traders may learn when to buy and sell.

The forex strategies are based on technical patterns and indicators, presented in the most transparent manner. A dedicated open trades section is available to all members.

Learn to Trade

The location of the stop loss is based on technical analysis. Less volatile currency pairs are likely to have a tighter stop than volatile crosses. As a general rule we do not use stops that exceed +500 pips.

If the entry requires a larger stop (in the case of monthly chart entries) we simply dismiss the entry. Our preference is not to remain in a trade for a long period time.

Track Record

The signals performance consists of all the trades that were initiated. The performance includes profits as well as losses.

The trading strategies we employ do not have 100% success, however, they have consistent for several years.

The most challenging part is adapting to the current market conditions.

At the time of this writing, there are expectations for the Fed to tighten its monetary policy earlier than expected. This has created certain market conditions, which we have adjusted to.

All the signals are researched on multiple timeframes and then sent to all members. It allows trading with any broker of your choice and the ability to dismiss signals should you wish to do so.

As the strategy is provided, some traders may prefer to manage their trades on their own. Daily updates are sent on open trades including exiting trades, tightening stops etc.

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Forex Signals Trial

The signals trial is intended to test the service. Learn about the trading strategies and decision-making process in real time. You may learn how to trade from the trades and start gaining experience from market professionals.

We always suggest avoiding high usage of the leverage. It may seem attractive at first glance due to potentially high returns. Recovering from losses when high leverage is used may be extremely difficult.

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The trial is for new members only. The trial period is 7 days for $47.50 $33.50, which will then automatically convert into a monthly plan for $87.40.

The trial can be cancelled at anytime like all of our plans. If cancelled, the trial will end and will not renew following the 10 days.

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