Friend Referral Program

Friend Referral Program


We are happy to launch our friend referral program. Refer any of your colleagues via email, social media or text messages and we will pay you 40% of the value of the plan. All Payments are sent via PayPal and will be documented in a tracking table in this page.

Friend Referral Program

Friend Referral Program

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How the Referral Program Works?

1. The referral program may be used by both paid and non-paid members.

2. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to login to your account. If you are already logged scroll to the bottom of the page and provide your PayPal address for future payments.

If you do not have an account you may register for free. Visit this page again upon logging to your account to provide your PayPal address a the bottom of this page.

3. The PayPal address cannot be edited for security reasons. Do ensure the correct PayPal address is provided.

4. Upon providing the PayPal address your referral link will be displayed at this page.

5. When the first referral is made a tracking table will be displayed at this page. The table will document the number of referrals that were made along with due payments. You may use your referral link to test the tracking table.

6. A payment will only be due when any of your referrals apply for one of the plans.

7. All payments are issued at the following month. For example, if one of your referrals signed in August a payment to you will be issued to you in September.

8. PayPal charges a commission for any payments we send. If for example the total payment that is due to you is $150 we will add 2.9% + 30 cents to the payment, which means that we will be sending you would be $154.65.

9. Payments will only be issued when the referral link is used. If the referral link is not used when your referrals apply for our plans a payment will not be made.

For any other questions regarding the friend referral program do contact us.

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