FX Signal Provider: Why Are We the Best?

DDMarkets Forex Signals Service

We have been providing genuine and transparent forex trading signals and in other markets such as commodities and indices since 2014 to this date (2016). Our forex signal service is tailored for all types of traders, striving to provide an accurate reading of the market by providing the entry price, stop loss, take profit, estimated duration for the signal, risk reward ratio and the technical or fundamental strategy for the trading signal.

The vast majority of the best forex signals are difficult to evaluate as the trading signals performance lacks transparency.

It is well known that one cannot generate profits on a daily basis or monthly basis unless the signal trading strategy is to impose what we refer to as heavy stops (over 500 pips) or signals without any stop loss orders in an effort to profit at any cost even if it means drowning in a deep drawdown.

Our forex signals service is based on the fact that profiting on every signal is virtually impossible without swimming in a drawdown. Every stop loss order we exercise is intended to be recovered in future signals if triggered by the market. This provides us the ability to recover from every loss as we have done for the past 2 years at the time of this writing.

Below is an example of a trading signal we have issued prior to the US elections:

Please click on the chart to enlarge:

DJ30 Weekly Chart 08/11/16

DJ30 Weekly Chart 08/11/16

Dow Jones 30 short at market price (18,383)
Take profit: 17,685
Protective stop: 18,560
Risk Ratio (RR): 1 : 3 (approx.)
Estimated duration: less than 12 hours

Full US Elections Trading Signals

The signal was issued via email to all our subscribers and then updated on the website. Our method of displaying the signals benefits all new traders to assess the benefits of using our forex signals service since 2014. Such transparency is rare, which is why we are one of the most transparent signal providers in the today’s market.

Currency trading is 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. To better follow our forex trading signals we use the daily / weekly / monthly charts to as the foundation of our forex alerts. The trade alerts are often issued at the daily / weekly / monthly close rather than at random ours throughout the trading day.

Even though we do not provide a trade copier or other copy trading service tracking our signals via emails is fairly smooth as the time of us issuing the signals is already known.

There are occasions where we do use intraday time frames to establish our signals and should we believe it is smarter to enter the market during the European or US session we will update our subscribers via email in advance on our intention to do so. Our updates include forex news and information that we believe our subscribers may benefit from.

Automated Signals Nightmare

Some forex traders are more content on using automated signal service where the trades are automatically executed in their trading accounts such as the MetarTrader4 (MT4) or MetaTrader5 (MT5).

Aside the fact it often involves a greater cost as a forex Virtual Private Service (VPS) is required and could leave the trader vulnerable to technical glitches with the service, the trader that copies the master account is vulnerable to the decision-making progress of the trader that manages the master account.

If an Expert Advisor (EA) is used in the master to execute the signals from the market, there are has been incidents where the EA malfunctioned due to changing market conditions and resulted in completely unnecessary losses.

If a real person carries the technical analysis or fundamental analysis behind the master account that generates the signals, there has been numerous incidents where the trader becomes emotionally unstable (often due to consecutive losses or a significant drawdown), which lead to irrational decisions that made the trader increase his exposure to the currencies in order to generate a profit (at any cost).

The outcome of such a behavior results in hefty losses in almost all occasions. Some of you who are reading this may have already experienced this unfortunate outcome. For that very reason, our forex signal service leaves the money management part of following the trade alerts in your hands.

As we use larger time frames we often target between 200 – 400 pips per trade. We are aware some of our subscribers exit after 20 – 30 pips and then re-enter at a better price while some traders disagree with some of our analysis and simply dismiss the signal or allocate minimal capital for the trade.

Although we strongly recommend reading our strategy for the signals, some of our subscribers trust our market analysis without studying the analysis we present on the website. Our trading service is extremely flexible and is designed to meet the requirements of many forex traders.

Joining Our Trading Signals

As noted earlier, we have been a forex signal provider since 2014, a 2-year track record is available in the signals performance page. You may click on any instrument in the performance and study the strategy we used a long with the progress of every signal as we added screenshots of the forex charts.

FX Signal Provider: Why Are We the Best?

FX Signal Provider: Why Are We the Best?

Last Updated on September 27, 2017