Most Accurate and Reliable Forex Trading Signals

We have been providing accurate forex trading signals since 2014. As opposed to the standard forex signals services that are available in today’s markets, the benefits of using our forex signals is the transparency, consistency and the fact we provide the trading strategy for every signal that is issued.

The forex trading signals includes buy (long) or sell (short) signal for a specific currency pair, cross, index and crypto.

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See the forex signals pricing plans we offer and how to use the forex signals.

We provide as many details as possible to ensure including the time frame, potential drawdown and a lot more. Our members receive the technical or fundamental setup for the signals, which provides greater flexibility in managing the trades in the Foreign Exchange market.


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The FX signals are manually researched. The advantage of manually researching the leading financial markets is the ability to adjust to the changing market conditions such as ranging markets and volatile trading conditions.

A reliable and accurate forex signal provider over time is challenging, we have the performance and strategies to display our success. During Covid-10 the market has changed and we are adapting to it.

The US general elections that is expected to take place in November, 2020 will be the key focus of many markets. The elections’ polls will begin affecting many currencies.

Accurate Forex Trading Signals

Accurate forex signals are determined by various factors. Accurate trading signals are measured over time rather than several days, weeks or months.

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We have shown consistency in our forex signals and are currently the only website that provides the trading strategy for the signals with full documentation for more than four years.

In addition to the signals, the potential drawdown, estimated duration and risk ratio are presented for every forex signal. It requires extensive trading experience and proven strategy to outperform in the leading financial markets.

We aim to deliver the most accurate forex signals via several trading strategies that are executed based on the current market conditions.

Should the market conditions allow it we may issue the trading signals on a daily basis while ensuring the potential drawdown for all open trades is contained.

Reversal Patterns

Reversal patterns are very popular in trading. The reversal patterns are technical patterns that are used to determine when the trend has peaked. For example, if the price of a currency pair rose significantly, a reversal pattern may indicate when it is time to sell.

Similar to the above, if a currency pair is heavily sold, a reversal pattern may assist in determining when the selling may end. These patterns allow traders to assess when is the best time to buy and sell.

These patterns may be used in any financial instatements or assets and are not limited to forex trading. If you are new to trading we have an excellent guide for forex trading.

Continuation Patterns

Continuation patterns are technical patterns that suggest when the trend is expected to continue. For example, if a currency pair trades higher, continuation patterns may indicate the uptrend or the buying will continue.

Similar to the above, when a currency pair is weakening or being sold by the market, continuation patterns may assist traders in determining that the downtrend or selling is expected to resume.

These patterns are also used to generate forex signals. Our preference is to use signals that are not automated or produced by an indicator or Expert Advisor (EA). Automated systems are not always compatible with every market condition. Manually researched signals like we do is a better approach.

Automated Signals Software

While some traders opt for forex signals software in an effort to capitalize over the market we at ddmarkets believe manually generated signals have the upper hand in changing market conditions.

When breaking news trigger significant volatility in the market we may almost immediately adjust our strategies, which cannot in be achieved in most forex signals software.

Due to the coronavirus we are more active in CFD’s such as European and US indices. We strive to select any instrument that may provide with decent Return on Investment (ROI).

Our forex trading signals are for day traders, part-time traders and swing traders. Day trading or swing trading, our fx trade alerts are suitable for all.

The full documentation for every trading signal that has been issued adds value to our technical analysis, ensuring that you are provided with professional fx trading signals.

Live Forex Signals

Our forex trading signals are issued in real time. We refrain from using entry orders for technical reasons that are related to the trading strategies we employ.

Although it may initially appear difficult to follow we exercise the analysis on longer time frames such as daily, weekly and monthly charts.

The entry price of the forex signal is therefore less sensitive. We do provide a price range for the entry price where the signal may still be relevant, which often ranges from 20 pips to over 50 pips.

All of our market analysis and technical or fundamental setups is to ensure we supply the best signals for forex trading in 2018. Learn how to use our forex trading signals.

While some may view our forex signals as long term, we do not hold onto trades for several months, which constitutes as long term trading signals.

We may hold onto the trades for as little as several days to several weeks depending on the time frame that was used and the technical or fundamental trading strategy.

See September 2020 forex and CFD trading signals

Live forex signals may appear difficult to follow to some traders. We refrain from sending the buy and sell signals in random hours. The vast majority of our forex trading signals are sent around the daily close and on some occasions around the 4hr closing hours.

Signals for the Professional Trader

Forex Trading signals are used by the professional trader in addition to his current trading strategy or the signal is broken down into multiple positions via intraday time frames.

It is best to avoid a high level of risk when using forex trading signals as one cannot succeed on every signal.

The Forex trading signals at ddmarkets are designed for various types of forex traders (day and swing traders) and are suitable for all investors.

Professional forex traders have a significant advantage of using our forex signals as the technical analysis or fundamental analysis is laid out prior to issuing the signal.

Every signal has a protective stop loss order and a take profit order. Our trading approach is to contain losses rather than allowing the open positions to float in a drawdown in an effort to profit at any cost.

This approach allows us to recover from losses and ensures a healthy risk management is maintained for the signals.

Forex signals with a trade copier may be convenient to some as the signals will be automatically executed in the trading platform.

However, the main flaw in a trade copier that is used for trading signals is technical glitches, which can be pricey. In addition there is less control on the market exposure, which again may be costly.

Our approach to the Foreign Exchange market and the measures we employ to contain the risk ensures we supply the best and most professional forex trading signals.

In the trading strategy for the forex alerts we outline the indicators, trend-following or reversal patterns that were exercised to extract the signal from the market, which enhances the experience of using our market analysis.

Fundamental Forex Signals

Fundamental forex trading signals are based on fundamental analysis. We strive to line our technical signals with the fundamental end of the market. Relying solely on technical analysis may not be the optimal approach in the long-term.

Combining the technical and fundamental end of the market to perfection is a challenging task, especially when constancy is the key. Some of our top forex signals were established solely on fundamental analysis such as predicting the brexit outcome and holding 2 short GBP trades (EURGBP and GBPUSD).

Our approach to fundamental forex signals is analyzing the recent economic events as well as the economic figures at a micro and macro level in an effort to determine the upcoming trend in the market. It demands continues motorization of the latest market news and events.

We are monitoring the global markets on a daily basis and are fully aware of any significant events, which allows to react in accordance and take the appropriate action in the signals we issued via email. We found emails outperform SMS.

Covid-19 along with the upcoming US elections in November, 2020 is having an impact on the market. At the time of this writing the leading indices (US and European) are trading at a greater volatiliy.

Forex Signals Systems

The forex trading signals we employ are based on several technical and fundamental strategies. We favor price action for our FX signals, which has been serving us well for a number of years. Technical indicators are often combined to concrete the entry in the market.

The 2 most common strategies for the trade signals are trend signals and reversal signals. If we have an indication the trend for a certain currency pair or cross is expected to continue we will attempt joining the trend with a reasonable stop loss.

Reversal signals is when we attempt to capitalize over a reversal in the price of a currency pair or cross. Reversal signals tend to be the most profitable but an uptrend or downtrend must first materialize before a price reversal may materialize.

The vast majority of the fx trade alerts are based on swing trading, which means the trades may be kept open for several days, possibly weeks as it may take some time for the market to acquire our target.

Intraday forex signals is when when the signal is based on intraday time frames such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and the 4 hours. When found to be appropriate some of the trading signals are based on intraday time frames are issued during the European / US session.

Forex Alerts Performance

A performance for the forex trading signals is a must for any service that strives to be ranked among the best in the Foreign Exchange market. The results of our forex signals are available in the signals performance page since 2014.

What does classify our market analysis to be the most reliable forex signals in today’s markets is our transparency and accuracy.

When using a forex signal provider the trader has no access to the strategy or the logic of the signals. In ddmarkets the technical or fundamental strategy is presented prior to every signal.

By understanding how the forex signals work with the trading strategy, every member has the ability, should he wishes, to manage the signals without our updates.

These trading strategies may be reviewed and assessed by all traders that wish to join our signals from the performance page. Every currency pair is clickable and will direct you to the documentation of the chosen signal.

To view the full performance of the trading signals we suggest viewing the performance page via a PC as only part of the data is displayed on mobile devices.

Forex Trading Signals Platform Compatibility

The trade signals we issue are compatible with all forex brokers and are suitable for all investors and traders. We do not hedge the signals nor do we provide multiple take profit orders per signal.

The aim of the stop loss orders is not the prevent losses but to contain losses. Trading in the Foreign Exchange market is entangled with a high level of risk, which is the protective stops are essential.

The trading account that is required to use the our system must be sufficient to execute trades without excessive usage of leverage. We provided more details in our forex signals plans.

We focus on all of the major currency pairs and crosses in the Forex market. We are not limiting the forex signals to a specific financial instrument. Below is the list of instruments we focus on in our technical signals:

EURUSD (Euro Dollar)
USDJPY (Dollar yen)
AUDUSD (Aussie Dollar)
USDCHF (Dollar Swiss)
NZDUSD (Kiwi Dollar)
EURJPY (Euro Yen)
EURGBP (Euro Sterling)
USDCAD (Dollar Cad)
GBPUSD (Sterling Dollar)
GBPJPY (Sterling Yen)
GBPCHF (Sterling Swiss)
USDCAD (Dollar Cad)
CADJPY (Cad Yen)
GBPAUD (Sterling Aussie)
EURNZD (Euro Kiwi)
EURCAD (Euro Cad)
EURCHF (Euro Swiss)
AUDCHF (Aussie Swiss)
NZDCAD (Kiwi Cad)
CADCHF (Cad Swiss)
NZDCHF (Kiwi Swiss)
GBPNZD (Sterling Kiwi)
NZDJPY (Kiwi Yen)
AUDNZD (Aussie Kiwi)
AUDJPY (Aussie Yen)
AUDCAD (Aussie Cad)

We also monitor the leading indices (SP500, DAX30, FTSE100) and commodities (crude oil and gold) but our main focus is on the currency market.

We are among the most reliable forex signals websites that has been providing its service for over 4 years. Every trading signal is fully documented in the signals performance page of maintain a high level of reliability and credibility.

The size of the stop loss order varies from one currency pair to another. Less volatile pairs such as EURUSD may have a tighter stop while volatile crosses such as GBPAUD may have wider stops. None of the stops are fixed and vary from signal to signal based on the trading strategy that we used.

Our forex signals can be used with the MetaTrader4 (MT4), MetaTrader5 (MT5), cTrader and more. While the majority of the MT4 forex signals are automated, MT4 traders can use our signals along any automated signals of their choice.

Paid Forex Signals Providers Comparison

Paid forex signal providers exercise various trading strategies and systems for their signals. The signals may be automated via an algorithm or a trade copier.

Following a signal provider may be difficult for a number of reasons. If the trader issues short-term signals it will be a struggle to follow all the trades.

If the signal is not executed in a timely manner it may often mean entering the market at worse price. The trader may be sending the trading signals during hours that are less favorable to your time zone. The main difficulty based on our experience is that the actual trading strategy that is used for the signals is unknown.

When the technical strategy for the signals is not revealed it will be extremely difficult to manage the open trades, especially during phases when the strategy under-performs.

The forex signal provider may be stressed and initiate irrational forex signals in an effort to recover, only to drown his followers’ capital in the market.

For the reasons above social forex signals may under-perform even in the short-term. By providing the trading strategy for our signals such as our recent trade in EURUSD our traders have the ability to understand and re-assess the strategy for the signals.

Another factor are the measures that are taken to contain the risk in trading the markets. We control the number of open trades to contain the open drawdown, avoid unnecessary currency exposure, have strict rules in entering / exiting the market, avoid poor risk reward ratios and more.

These risk management methods are important in trading any market where the aim is to prevent steep losses in the market that may be beyond recovery.

We at ddmarkets adopt extreme measures in the Forex market, especially when winning signals or consecutive profits are made, which is among the benefits of using our signals.

Profitable Forex Signals

When signing up for a forex signals service there are expectations to receive profitable and successful trade alerts in the market.

While there will be phases where decent profit is made our prime focus is on containing losses. If a significant profit is made and followed by severe loses little achievement has been made.

To become the most profitable forex signal provider it is essential to anticipate multiple scenarios in the market to have predetermined rules for each event. These events can be highly volatile sessions or a ranging market. Our main attention is on avoiding being cornered by the market and drifting in an aimless drawdown.

We have reduced our exposure in trades that under-performed as we do not strive to profit on every signal that we issue. It allows to us to better manage the signals and limit our market exposure.

We strive to target over 100 pips at least where in more volatile currency crosses our target may exceed 250 pips.

Maintaining consecutive profits is challenging, we have protective stop loss orders in place in an event we misread the market or if the technical entry has been invalidated by the market.

We manually scan the multiple currencies to produce the best trading opportunities that surface in the Foreign Exchange market.

You may review the results of our forex trading signals from 2014 – 2018. The success and profitability of the signals may be evaluated to determine whether we provide the best forex trading signals in the market. Earning money in the leading financial markets is challenging, we strive to be among the top signal providers in today’s markets.

We are developing our own app for the trading signals, however, it may take some time until it is completed. We are very satisfied with the current delivery method of the signals via email as they can be received on all mobile devices.

Free Forex Signals Versus Paid Forex Signals

Free forex signals may be attractive to some traders. Unfortunately, free forex signals lack providing a satisfactory form of track record, which may allows traders and investors to evaluate.

Some of the most common form of free forex signals are provided across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.

As the forex signals are free there is little interest in providing successful and profitable signals.  Some forex brokers do provide trading signals for their traders, however, it is important to note that forex brokers do not provide signals in an effort to boost the results of their traders.

Forex brokers tend to provide technical strategies or forex alerts to simply enhance the trading volume.

If you have already used free forex signals you may already be aware of the risks involved. At ddmarkets we provide our forex signals that fits your budget as we strive to remain competitive.

In return you will have access to all the trading strategies of our signals, daily market updates as well as live notifications on the open trades.

Best Performing Trading Signals

The best performing trading signals depends greatly on the market. The US30 or WTI crude oil must be volatile is a profit is expected to be made.

Volatile market conditions are correlated to economic figures or geopolitical tension. In 2021, covid-19 has provided great volatility across numerous markets.

Elon Musk’s tweets on Bitcoin (BTC) contributed to even greater volatility in cryptocurrency markets where BTCUSD surged above $50,000. These market conditions is when trading signals outperform.

It is important to remember that the risk of such volatility are the losses. Trading signals must have a stop loss order to prevent steep losses. Many signal providers send signals without stops or extremely high stops to prevent displaying losses.

Excess usage of the leverage comes with a high price as any loss may erase a large chunk of the investment. Make sure to only trade with capital you can afford to lose.

If you are an experienced forex trader, as the trading strategy is available you may choose to manage the trades based on your trading experience and strategies.

Every forex trader has a free choice in which signals to copy and which signals to dismiss as the trading strategy is presented in the most professional manner. Joining us takes less than 5 minutes.