Profiting with Our Forex Signals

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About Our Forex Signals Service

As we have been providing our forex trading signals service and market research for the past four years we decided to provide an a summary of our performance in the market. Being the best forex signals provider falls into multiple categories rather than issuing a simple buy or sell trading signal. In order to be classified as professional forex signals provider transparency is extremely important.

As you may already know being successful in every trade alert is difficult to attain as every trading strategy is vulnerable to changing market conditions. We have endured fairly rough phases and extremely profitable phases over the years.

The key to providing successful forex signals is to control the drawdown and contain any losses. Every trading signal has its protective stop loss order with the possibility the stop may be triggered. We control the size of the stops to ensure trades can be recovered in the market trades against the direction we have predicted. Failure to do would have lowered the odds of our ability to remain alive in the market.

The concept of our forex signals service is designed for for all types of traders. The number of open positions is often kept to a minimum, providing greater flexibility as traders may continue placing their own trades in the market. We are displeased with a forex signals copier or some automated service similar to myfxbook as we have little desire in forcing trades in our subscribers’ trading accounts.

The forex trade alerts are issued via email, mostly around the daily close. Every smartphone, any app can be installed on any android or iOS mobile phone to ensure the emails are received without the requirement of being next to the computer. Most forex brokers support mobile trading, any signals can therefore be initiated via the mobile phone. Our website is fully compatible with most mobile devices and extraordinary measures were taken to ensure the website may be fully accessible even with a poor internet connection.

We were asked to introduce SMS for the forex signals but we have noted the delivery of the trade alerts via email is significantly higher. We were also asked to offer our forex signals on social applications such as telegram or WhatsApp but we would rather develop our own forex signals app, which may be then some time in the future. Every subscriber has access to our forex signals dashboard where all open trades are displayed.

Trading Signals Forex Strategies

The forex signals are issued live, in real time. In order to provide quality forex signals with the actual ability to manage the risk of the trade alerts we provide the chart and trading strategy that was for the signal. As the forex strategy is presented the trader may customize the entry (if he or she wishes to do so) and determine the capital for the position (trade size).

Updates on the market as well on all open trades is issued to all subscribers on a daily basis. Every signal update we take a screenshot of the chart that was used for the signals and present it in the forex strategy. This method does demand more work on our end but we are doing so to maintain the transparency of our forex signals.

We are not deterred by losses and do not overreact to profitable signals. As trading signals performance is extremely transparent and may be reviewed by all traders. There is no trading signals software to download, to join our forex signals service one may register with us and apply for one of the signals plans we provide. We offer competitive and affordable prices for all our signals.

The forex signals cover all the major currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY etc. as well as crosses such as GBPJPY, AUDCHF, NZDCHF etc. We strive for a high risk reward ratio as the vast majority of our trade alerts are swing signals. The signals are based on technical analysis and inline with our fundamental projections in the market.

You may review our swing trading strategy for NZD trading signal as an example.

Selecting the most accurate trading signals from the chart is a challenging task but we evident from our 3-year performance we are doing our best.

Trading forex is challenging. With Covid-19 affecting numerous markets (commodities, stocks etc.) it is important to make sure your forex signals are provided by highly experienced traders.

Profiting with Our Forex Signals

Last Updated on August 19, 2020