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About Our Forex Signals

Our forex signals service has been established in 2014. We have been documenting the signals’ performance in the most transparent and reliable manner. For every trade alert that issued the strategy, which includes the technical or fundamental setup is provided beforehand to allow the trader to assess the capital he or she wishes to allocate for the position.

There are many benefits of following forex signals in that manner as the trader is fully aware of our market perception and has completely control over the positions in terms of trade size and the ability to dismiss signals that may not align with his or her views on the market.

The FX signals are designed for both full time and part-time traders across the globe. We take appropriate measures to limit the potential drawdown and to ensure the best signals are delivered.

Signals Delivery

The amount of open trades is intentionally kept low to maintain minimal open drawdown and to ensure the signals may be added without tampering the flow of the day-to-day trades that may be carried by the trader on his or her own. The trades are often held open for several days, sometimes even weeks but less than 30 days.

The forex signals are delivered, once issued are delivered via email and then updated on the website in the trading strategy we have presented. The majority of smartphones enable to receive emails directly on the mobile phone, which is why we find emails appropriate than SMS. We noted sending signals via SMS has a significant delay when compared to emails.

The forex signals are presented in an extremely transparent manner that may allow any trader to assess the value of our extensive market research and trade alerts. Our signals performance dates back to 2014.



In order to apply for any of the services we are offering an account must be created. The reason why a registration is required as relevant trading strategies may not be accessed by our members. The only method this may be achieved is via registration.

We are using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts all links between the browser and the web server. If at any point you would like to change your password or email address this may be achieved in your account’s settings. Likewise, a billing history is available for all accounts.

As you may have noticed there is no registration option available in the top menu. Upon signing up for of the our plans in the signals page the registration button will appear.


After creating an account you may proceed and apply for the plan of your choice, We offer our global trade alerts (forex signals), intraday strategies and more. Upon successfully signing for one of the plans a confirmation email will be issued that the payment has been received. A second confirmation email will be issued that you have been successfully added to the plan.

The trading strategies for the signals may accessed from most devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. We have taken extreme measures to enhance the website’s compatibility with numerous devices.


Upon receiving the second confirmation email no additional steps are required. You will have access to the strategies and trade alerts you have applied for as well as daily updates on the Forex market. If at any point you wish to discontinue with the plan an ‘unsubscribe’ button is available in the billing history of your account.

If you do have any more questions you may refer to our FAQ or contact us.