The Next Cryptocurrency Investment: Mazacoin


We have carefully researched the cryptocurrency markets to discover the next ‘Bitcoin.’ We believe that Mazacoin (MZC) fundamental structure has the biggest potential for a long-term investment.

The digital currencies markets is flooded with over 100 alternative currencies, often referred to as Altcoins where each coin is virtually begging to obtain global awareness. Before elaborating on the outcome of our research it is important to understand the massive rally in Bitcoin in a relatively short period of time is highly unlikely to repeat itself in any other currency.

Although it is highly speculated, the infamous Bitcoin rally was artificially created by a couple of bots that were inserted into MTGox named ‘Willy’ and ‘Markus.’ The bots used the logs for buying Bitcoins, which in other words means they were purchasing Bitcoins with no real money. The speculations came into light when the trading history of MTGox from April 2011 to November 2013 was leaked to the market.

You may view the leaked data, the top 500 high volume traders at MTGox by clicking here.

Mazacoin Research

From our understanding, MTGox was running on WordPress, a famous Content Manager System (CMS) that is often used for blogging.

The hackers succeeded in injecting the bots as the used software and plugins were outdated. We believe the current exchanges learnt from MTGox so we do not foresee a repetition of the Bitcoin Rally that reached $1,200. When you choose to invest in a digital currency you must therefore acknowledge it may take years for a currency that is valued at 1 cent to reach $50.

Mazacoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency, founded in February 2014 that is aimed to represent the Lakota nation. Located in South Dakota, the Oglala Lakota nation is expected to become the first native American tribe to use a cryptocurrency as its Sovereign currency.

One may why would a tribe where one earns less than $8,000 a year could make its digital currency, Mazacoin, a long-term investment? The Lakota Sioux nation seek fully independency from the United States and claim their sovereign territory, ‘Republic of Lakota.’

Although the US currently refuses to recognize the Republic of Dakota, a sovereign currency is one step closer of becoming independent. What struck our attention were the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) calls the Lakota chief, warning him that cryptocurrencies are currently illegal in the United States.

We believe that if the Lakota tribe becomes an independent nation and recognized by the US, this will attract businesses into the virgin Lakota territory. Mazacoin is then expected to blossom into unimaginable high’s as opposed to Bitcoin as it holds the status of a sovereign currency.

There will be a great battle between the US and Lakota over Mazacoin. If we are correct in our research the ROI may very well exceed 5,000%. Some traders mine altcoins only to recycle the earnings into Bitcoins. Although we do not see the need to recycle mazacoin it can be done with any alternative currency.

Mazacoin Characteristics

The Mazacoin uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin (SHA256) where a proof of work is required for solving blocks. The target time for blocks however is 2 minutes (120 seconds), the reward for solving a block is currently MZC 1,000 and the difficulty retargets every block using Dark Gravity Wave 3 (DGW3), an algorithm that uses exponential and simple moving averages to readjust the difficulty level.#

We suggested CGMiner in our Mining Digital Currencies Guide. If you have already mining cryptocurrencies we may also suggest BFGMiner for Mazacoin, compatible with Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

Last Updated on June 17, 2021