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We have decided to discontinue our focus on binary options. You are welcome to review all our other trading plans that we are offering to online traders.

DDMarkets Trading Signals

We are happy to announce the resumption of our binary options trading signals. We have been providing our trade alerts in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market since 2014 with an exceptional transparency. If you are a also a forex trader please review our forex signals performance.

A little more about us, we are not affiliated with any brokers or owned by any investment firms, we are completely independent. The success of our subscribers is extremely important to us. We have been providing signals in the Forex market with great success, all our signals are documented in performance page with extreme transparency.

binary edit 2We have initiated binary options signals in the past but due to certain economic events our strategy has been deeply affected. As opposed to our forex trading strategy that has been tested for several years the binary options strategy was too new and could not withstand certain fundamental events, which brought us to a halt in the binary options market. We have improved our trading strategy since and are happy to announce the resumption of the trading signals service.

About the Binary Signals

The binary signals will have the same transparency as the forex trade alerts. After the signal is issued via email the chart that was used to derive the entry will be uploaded to the website. One of the greatest flaws in binary signals is that entry price. As a fraction of a pip can determine the outcome of the trade, in the money (ITM) or out the money (OTM) we have developed clear instructions for following our signals.

We provide a price range for executing the binary option in the market, the time (in minutes) for taking the trade, a notification when we are ready to issue the binary options and when we end issuing signals for the day.

As many binary options brokers offer different expirations we will be using the hourly close for the signals. That means the expiration for almost all the signals will be at the top of the hour such as 13:00, 14:50, 15:00, 16:00 etc. In some of the signals we may opt for an end of day expiration.

The signals are derived form intraday technical analysis on multiple time frames such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The 4hr charts may be used for end of day expiration. Aside the major currencies such as Euro Dollar or GBPUSD we will also focus on the forex crosses in our signals such as GBPJPY, EURCAD etc. The vast majority of the signals will be in the currencies market but some trades are likely to be issued on gold (XAU/USD).

The binary signals will be issued during the US session (after 11:00am GMT). Similar to our forex signals we will not be issuing dozens of trades per day.  We are targeting anywhere between 3 to 7 signals per day regardless of our success rate.

Last Updated on March 11, 2021