Understanding the Intraday Strategies Plan

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Our spot intraday strategy plan is designed for day traders, traders that have the ability to trade all day.

In the global trade alerts plan we mainly focus on the daily, weekly or monthly chart. In the spot intraday strategies we focus on intraday time frames to serve full time traders.

The analysis outlines the key price levels that may be used for multiple techniques such as breakout or buy/sell on dips strategies that allow the trader to produce signals from the chart that is presented in the analysis.

GBPUSD Setup Example

Using the intraday strategies requires trading experience or extensive knowledge of global markets. The swing trading strategies and the spot intraday plan may be combined and do not oppose one another.

The price action models we adopt for the intraday strategies may vary to accommodate the changing market conditions.

Our Intraday Strategies

We are perfectly aware that when the market changes certain strategies are likely to ‘malfunction,’ which is why we do our best to remain on top of the market and stay up to date with outside market events.

The reason why we prefer the 4hr chart as traders are likely to have more time to study the strategies and the odds of missing the entry is minimal.

The 15min chart, which is designed for scalping is structured in a different manner.

Although the strategies are released around the daily close the aim is for the strategy to only become effective at the European or US session.

We highlight that it is more than possible entries will be provided during the Asian session as we do not control the market.

The targets and technical structure is presented in the strategy and may be modified to suit your trading style.

The aim of the intraday strategies is to enhance traders’ ability to spot critical regions that may provide multiple trades via technical analysis.

You may use your discretion which strategies to implement or which strategies to dismiss.

The fact the trades are not automatically executed in your account, the analysis is simplified and may be accessed at any time is the enhancement we referred to earlier.

All the intraday strategies are fully documented on the website. Do note the latest strategies may be restricted to traders that are signed to the plan.

Intraday Signal Example

This is an example of one of our recent strategies in AUDNZD.

AUDNZD 4hr Chart 16 August 2015

Please click on the chart to enlarge:

AUDNZD4hr Chart 16/08/15

AUDNZD4hr Chart 16/08/15

AUDNZD 4hr Chart 21 August 2015

Please click on the chart to enlarge:

AUDNZD 4hr Chart 21/08/15

AUDNZD 4hr Chart 21/08/15

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We strive to cover multiple markets with a dash on the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market.

We are not restraining ourselves to specific currency pairs and provide our technical insights on a spectrum of instruments. In each strategy the stop and take profit may be derived from the chart that is provided.

All intraday strategies are currently based on technical analysis.

The strategies are published around the daily close at 21:00 GMT but may be issued throughout the day on rare occasions.

When a new intraday strategy is released you will be notified via an email with a link to the strategy.

In a scenario where we do issue a strategy during the European or US session we will express our intention to issue a new strategy via email before it is released on the website.

Although we are striving to issue new strategies every day, there may be times where we may choose to sit on the fence. Digital Derivatives Markets (DDMarkets) is fully compatible with mobile devices for your convenience.